Abandoned - Blockbuster Video

  • Publicado em 19 Ago 2016
  • Ah yes, my whole childhood of spending hours upon hours looking for that one movie they never had. A huge part of our recent culture, and one of the most spectacular modern bankruptcies, Blockbuster was the best.
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  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer Dia atrás

    I don't want to alarm you, but are you aware you don't have the most recent version of Adobe Flash, which is required to see these featured movies?

  • Samael
    Samael 2 dias atrás

    I guess I'm the only one who saw the title and think of urban exploration

  • mamajerrie
    mamajerrie 2 dias atrás

    Jake, you're from Canda, aren't you?

  • GalaxyJazzGirl
    GalaxyJazzGirl 3 dias atrás

    BlockBusters was so corrupted 🥀

    ONLYMGAFFY 3 dias atrás

    Fuck, I miss those big bags of Blockbuster popcorn.

  • Harry Forster
    Harry Forster 3 dias atrás

    I mean ruining a company is a good way of getting revenge for a $40 late fee

  • Susan A
    Susan A 5 dias atrás

    I keep hearing ppl say they're binge watching your videos. Perhaps Netflix should offer YOU a contract! I would love an entire new 10 ep season of this series to drop! 😏

  • Susan A
    Susan A 5 dias atrás

    I just found a DVD my husband never returned to Blockbuster last night. Sadly, I wish it was a better film.

  • Noah's World Gamming unboxing and field trips

    Do the toys r us update next because it’s opening again

  • MZ412BABY
    MZ412BABY 5 dias atrás

    Our BlockBuster was turned into a mattress company

  • Alex Spangler
    Alex Spangler 5 dias atrás

    The Blockbuster in my town then became a Hallmark then closed, a personal trainer's studio for like a year, now it's an escape room lol

  • tavisxavier
    tavisxavier 6 dias atrás

    If Reed Hastings got a $40.00 late fee, this means he didn't return his video for close to 20 days. People like this is what destroyed Blockbuster. Blockbuster would pay a licence fee of close to $100.00 per video. Someone would rent the movie for $4.99 and the video would never come back. Late fees helped to convince renters to bring their stuff back on time. Late fees also helped recoup the loss on a video not being rented. When Blockbuster brought the "end of late fees" it was a sham. Nobody returned their products. People would try to return a movie 2 years after renting. Customers were upset because there were no copies of new releases. I should know. I managed a Blockbuster Video for 5 years. But yes, new formats killed the VHS and DVD. On-demand streaming has eliminated the middle man/woman. Games are the same with no longer having physical copies. Consumers no longer have copies of their own property. Pretty scary........ But hey, working for Blockbuster was one of the best jobs I ever had. Our store employees were awesome and we had a really close knit community. We loved our regular customers, and we tortured our annoying customers. We watched and talked about movies all day. We got 10 free rentals a week, a week before the movies hit the shelves. What a wonderful time to work in retail. 2003-2007. Good times.

  • Luna and Blake Productions

    Now there’s only one

  • Josh Mccluskey
    Josh Mccluskey 10 dias atrás

    Last blockbuster is in bend organ

  • Ben Siener
    Ben Siener 10 dias atrás

    Those late fees were pretty brutal. Its kind of sad watching them fall apart without vision to adapt and innovate.. i chalk that up to greed. They wanted to keep those late fees coming in and that is what eventually destroyed them.

  • Eden Palmer
    Eden Palmer 12 dias atrás

    So sad they closed almost all their stores, I liked what they did.

  • Stephen S
    Stephen S 13 dias atrás +2

    Bend, Oregon has the last Blockbuster in the world as of March 2019.


    I miss my local blockbuster tbh. Seeing it closed made me feel sad, and I loved looking at all the movies and games they had.

  • MrBluePick
    MrBluePick 13 dias atrás

    I was expecting him to segway into the Hastings stores which also offered movie and video game rental among other services.

  • President SpiderDragon458
    President SpiderDragon458 14 dias atrás

    There was a blockbuster where I am

  • Thanin Fury
    Thanin Fury 14 dias atrás

    I was a kid when Blockbuster closed. At that time I had a Blockbuster Fidelity Card (and somehow lost it) and after a while, the store closed. A local brand bought all the company's old places and i swore they had merged, cuz the Blockbuster sign stood in their old places for about 7-8 years. They only removed it about 1-2 years ago.

  • Tkaz
    Tkaz 14 dias atrás

    1 store left

  • mike ables
    mike ables 15 dias atrás

    Those asshole said I didn't return a movie. I returned it. They just didn't scan it in. They tried to charge me $80. I switched to Hollywood after that. Hollywood had 3/5 day rentals

  • Joseph LaFrance
    Joseph LaFrance 16 dias atrás

    Blockbuster = GREED they got what they deserved.

  • matsounds
    matsounds 16 dias atrás

    The last Blockbuster closed not that long ago

  • Captain crunch
    Captain crunch 16 dias atrás

    Anyone else rememberthere were those Blockbuster commercials with a guy in the emergency room with like a mailbox through him and a beaver or something

  • MARKO W.
    MARKO W. 17 dias atrás

    I remember I stole a couple games from Walmart the workers were always occupied easy lol

  • Freaks Of Wrestling Podcast

    movie rental business are a thing of the past now and its very sad

  • Leon S
    Leon S 18 dias atrás

    Yes , the old way was just a charming way to spent your day , besides, there are a lot of boring movies online

  • Max Rockatanksy
    Max Rockatanksy 18 dias atrás

    Our local Blockbuster became a "Home Video" store for about 18 months, shut shop for 4 years (the returns box was still sitting out front until late 2017) and is now an Indian takeaway shop

  • Darren Palmes
    Darren Palmes 20 dias atrás

    They should’ve opened a boba cafe in each chain

  • Zach Fisk
    Zach Fisk 20 dias atrás

    Day after tomorrow is my all time favorite movie!

  • Pura Periculo
    Pura Periculo 20 dias atrás

    RIP Wayne Huizenga

  • 한빛 Hanbit
    한빛 Hanbit 20 dias atrás

    Yeah Netflix is cool, but they eliminate movies after some time. If you want to watch an old movie, they don't have them. That's why I think video rental stores are necessary. Bit not everybody think the same way...

  • Camoni
    Camoni 20 dias atrás

    The blockbuster in my town turned into a noodle shop

  • David A.P.
    David A.P. 21 dia atrás

    There is one company you'll never have to make an "Abandoned" video about......Wal-Mart. As a matter of fact, I think they're on the verge of becoming their own country.

  • BrothersBand 905
    BrothersBand 905 21 dia atrás

    I see welland! Family video became a car dealership

  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Drumsticks

    Blockbuster was fucking shit I hated it like you wouldn't believe.

  • Ainsley Snyder
    Ainsley Snyder 23 dias atrás

    Not purchasing Netflix was Blockbuster's worst mistake. Netflix did what they did but way better, and completely destroyed them

  • Cat Schlo
    Cat Schlo 23 dias atrás

    10:05 Paul Finch???

  • Michelle Raines
    Michelle Raines 23 dias atrás

    I will never rent from redbox i

    • Michelle Raines
      Michelle Raines 23 dias atrás

      Blockbuster put real people to work I am not going going to be in debt with with some red box by using a credit card at the corner out side of 711 store

  • HunterBeatBilly98
    HunterBeatBilly98 23 dias atrás

    Netflix killed blockbuster, disney+, amazon prime, and other video companies is killing netflix.

  • Little Star
    Little Star 24 dias atrás

    Wasn't Blockbuster tied up in some Enron craziness as well?

  • Jody Mitoma's Videos
    Jody Mitoma's Videos 24 dias atrás


  • Grayson January
    Grayson January 24 dias atrás

    Oh God can I put a baby your butt?

  • CoinRoll Searcher
    CoinRoll Searcher 24 dias atrás

    There is a former blockbuster in my town that still has the blue paint and outline of the blockbuster sign

  • Robert McReynolds
    Robert McReynolds 24 dias atrás +3

    Lol the "geological" location? :D Geographical :D

    • theatrefan06
      theatrefan06 22 dias atrás +1

      Thank you, I rewound to make sure I heard that correctly.

  • Blockbuster Video
    Blockbuster Video 24 dias atrás

    We miss ourselves...

  • Andrew Ray
    Andrew Ray 24 dias atrás +1

    Physical media is still king,

  • Julian Brown
    Julian Brown 25 dias atrás +5

    Kids will never know what its like to go to a store and buy a movie.

  • Steve Devine
    Steve Devine 25 dias atrás

    There is still a Blockbuster in London Ont Canada

  • Will
    Will 25 dias atrás

    8 million in late fees? Wow! Fuck Blockbuster. We must always look toward the future.

  • twitchy hooligan
    twitchy hooligan 25 dias atrás

    man, i miss blockbuster. i miss seeing it still alive next to the dominos resturant and the familiar vibrant blue and yellow ticket plastered on its walls. it always made me smile, but now seeing it closed and replaced with something else makes me sad. i know it was gonna happen one day but... it still makes me feel sad inside. it was a missed opportunity since i never got to actually go in there, and the glimpses of the many movie titles on the shelves only made me wanna go in more. i still miss the whole company to this day. i heard theres only one left now and its not even in australia.

  • my_usual_ antics
    my_usual_ antics 25 dias atrás +1

    I remember when blockbuster first started renting games and they had those gaming stations to try games before you rented makes me feel old

  • Gerardo Aguilar
    Gerardo Aguilar 25 dias atrás

    N U T B U S T E R

  • Goal Horn Crazy
    Goal Horn Crazy 25 dias atrás

    Anyone remember Moviestop?

    SCRAMBY18 25 dias atrás

    We used to have a video store in my hometown, it had been there for years. Then one day a mysterious redbox appeared that rented out movies for cheaper came along. It was called RedBox, and well that was the end of the video store lol

  • Sam Caraballo
    Sam Caraballo 25 dias atrás +1

    anybody notice that the Finch Meister from American pie was in the Blockbuster video commercial?

    • LocoDonkey8
      LocoDonkey8 23 dias atrás

      THANK YOU!! I was having the hardest time placing him!

  • ariaelnotthemermaid
    ariaelnotthemermaid 26 dias atrás

    the only blockbuster memories i have is renting ds games. mario party and gta were my fav to get but i was really too little to understand how to play ㅠㅠ

  • madbug1965
    madbug1965 26 dias atrás +1

    This reminds me a lot of Tower Records. Tower Records only exists in Japan now.