ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WAVE' Official MV

  • Publicado em 10 Jun 2019
  • Release Date: 2019. 06. 10
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  • Erika x3_
    Erika x3_ Hora atrás

    Who's currently streaming for 20M?

  • Al-Jouri Alansari
    Al-Jouri Alansari Hora atrás

    My friend told me to leave BTS army and be an arrest fan but nope not now BTS is way better

  • 이지훈
    이지훈 2 horas atrás

    시원해서 좋네

  • aulia ramadhani
    aulia ramadhani 2 horas atrás


  • aulia ramadhani
    aulia ramadhani 2 horas atrás


  • бурбалян бурбалянович

    хакуна мататата

  • hani chan
    hani chan 7 horas atrás

    This song make me stronger to face my hard life..

  • Delana Johnson
    Delana Johnson 8 horas atrás +2


  • Jair BLINK
    Jair BLINK 12 horas atrás +1

    Amooo a ATEEZ Y Amooo esta Canción

  • liyana
    liyana 12 horas atrás +3

    this mv deserve more views, its a bop !

  • Priscila Echenique
    Priscila Echenique 13 horas atrás +1

    Muy buen tema de playa para estar con amigo, muy bueno

  • Rumyana Velikova
    Rumyana Velikova 13 horas atrás +4

    19M let's goo!

    LOGISTICO IQUITOS 15 horas atrás +2

    What good MV 👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 18 horas atrás

    fantastic Work, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , doo check :)

  • blink * V. RM
    blink * V. RM 19 horas atrás +2

    i love it💖🤙

  • Maria Elena Poblete
    Maria Elena Poblete 19 horas atrás +1

    Absolutamente nadie:

  • Woozi’s height
    Woozi’s height 20 horas atrás +1

    Yunho my BABY

  • compass rose
    compass rose 21 hora atrás +5

    I can't believe I instantly became an Atiny just out of curiousity. I watched wave for the first time just 1 week after its been released and the song is stuck in my head....that's why this song is very special to me and I'm so happy I discovered Ateez(though it took me 2 weeks before I memorized all their names and faces)😊

  • Yardna Alzuhairi
    Yardna Alzuhairi 21 hora atrás +2

    I literally listen to this song everyday to brighten up my day

  • Ji Mi Kim
    Ji Mi Kim 22 horas atrás

    للتوضيح كلمه هاكونا ماتاتا هي كلمه افريقيه ومعناها يحقق الأمنيات

  • Nana Yeosang
    Nana Yeosang 23 horas atrás +1

    Is no one gonna say that yeosang needs to have more lines because MY TALENTED YEOSANG NEEDS MORE LINES.

  • Nash _
    Nash _ 23 horas atrás +5

    My friend got me into Ateez. This is the first song I heard. Also the song where I first fell in love with Mingi's deep voice 😍😍

  • Small_Money小錢
    Small_Money小錢 Dia atrás +2

    Please V..o..t..e for ATEEZ on and stxxrxxexxxaxxm their MVs!!!❤❤

  • Small_Money小錢
    Small_Money小錢 Dia atrás +1

    I love ATEEZ❤❤❤

  • MMs MM
    MMs MM Dia atrás +1

    I love you!!

  • Natchatorn Sirirojchayakorn

    I love you ATEEZ. 😗😗😗😗

  • Kims sun
    Kims sun Dia atrás +2


  • วิรดา หิรัญกิจ

    I love this song

  • KATE 2
    KATE 2 Dia atrás +6

    Almost 19M lets get more than 20M for Wave too

  • Koketso Mabulana
    Koketso Mabulana Dia atrás +2

    Stay here just saw the song
    I mean they deserve a lot more than that
    Hakuna mathata 😭❤️

  • Bibi Cristina
    Bibi Cristina Dia atrás

    Sou a BR que tu procura ;)

  • Maria camila Caicedo cuervo

    Su musica me llega al corazón en muy hermosa. 🎶🎶🎶😍

  • Deniz Koç
    Deniz Koç Dia atrás

    Hakuna matata👌👌

  • Sakura사쿠라플레이즈

    Who is the guy dancing up there at 1:09
    Btw I'm a new atiny and my bias is Hongjoong

  • yunhoe
    yunhoe Dia atrás +3

    19M 🔥 goo

  • Denise Wilke
    Denise Wilke Dia atrás +3

    This song makes me want to get all my friends together and jam to this song theses guys are amazing love them

  • Pecalix ۪۠ۥ
    Pecalix ۪۠ۥ Dia atrás +1

    Mom: (Open the door)
    Mom: (Cloose the door)

    • 김대환
      김대환 7 horas atrás


  • paraxmelda
    paraxmelda Dia atrás +1

    i have a question for ATEEZ:
    are you plss coming to the Netherlands and having a concert
    because im a BIG fan and i LOVE you so much guys plss
    comment thxx

  • JK
    JK 2 dias atrás +3

    Hi! I’m a new Atiny❤️

  • H P
    H P 2 dias atrás

    한국인 없나요? ㄷㄷ 이렇게까지 외국인 댓글만 많은 국내돌은 처음이네

  • Sally Slama
    Sally Slama 2 dias atrás


  • Mhindz Simbulan
    Mhindz Simbulan 2 dias atrás

    I was just here to prove my gf that I saw a skyflakes at 2:21 hahahaha

  • Mhindz Simbulan
    Mhindz Simbulan 2 dias atrás

    I was just here to prove my gf that I saw a skyflakes at 2:21 hahahaha

  • compass rose
    compass rose 2 dias atrás

    20M fighting^^

  • 낮마Ntee
    낮마Ntee 2 dias atrás +5

    Ateez is the golden kpop group that you like ones you found them is the end of you
    I had this with monsta x too

  • P'tite Fofolle
    P'tite Fofolle 2 dias atrás +12

    Friend : So who's your bias ?
    Me : The good looking one

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez 2 dias atrás +3

    Atiny, don't forget to be voting for Ateez every day on MWave site/app for MAMA! Positions for Worldwide Fans' Choice could change at any time so let's make sure Ateez keeps going UP the list! Vote in all three categories and keep str33ming the title track mvs too. If you don't know how to vote, let me know and I'll help you : )
    Vote here: @t

  • Fauziah Alya
    Fauziah Alya 2 dias atrás

    seonghwa apa tidak lelah menjadi terlalu ganteng? hah?

  • steffy weffy
    steffy weffy 3 dias atrás

    I am obsessed with 0:29

  • Luana Naomi
    Luana Naomi 3 dias atrás +2

    *BRASIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL* 💚💛💙 LOVES ATEEEEEZ I comment this so much in so many videos. Im hopeful that someday you guys are gonna ready this comment and smile a little. That's great already.
    I've been listening to WAVE so much these days Thank u so much for all your hard work. You song help a lot of young people around the world, keep up the good work. YOU GUYS INSPIRE ME SO MUCH. WISH YOU THE BEST IN THE WORLD. You deserve all the Daesangs and Rookie Award!!!!💖💖

  • Miranda G
    Miranda G 3 dias atrás

    Who is the blonde guy?

    • rumi1379
      rumi1379 3 dias atrás +1

      San, but he is not blonde anyomore!

  • Ivy R
    Ivy R 3 dias atrás

    Hello, i just found this boys and OMFG why are they all so handsome and sing so well WHAT IS THIS

    • Stef Kim
      Stef Kim 2 dias atrás

      Ivy R they danced well too!

    • rumi1379
      rumi1379 3 dias atrás

      Welcome, Atiny!
      Here some information about them!
      ATEEZ are one year group and they have already achieved so much!
      - 3 EPs, 1 Full album + Anniversary repackege, 1 Full Japanese album (ALL BOPS!)
      - 11 Music videos!
      - Sold out WORLD TOUR when they were just 2 months old + 1 more coming!
      - Very interesting finding Treasure storyline with pirate concept!
      - 4 KCONs
      - 2 awards from music shows, and 1 performance award from award show, 1 EMA award (considering they are from small company)
      - 6 Reality shows about them!!!
      - Top 10 Worldwide Social artist
      - More than 20 Performance videos and covers - They trained dancing in LA! (Check out their pre-debut performance videos and covers such as - BTS, NCT, Shinee, EXO, Cardi B, Travis Scott..)
      - AMAZING performers! Rap gods! Vocal legends! Dance kings! (Just watch their KCON live stages!)
      The boys are so so hard working! Everything they do is amazing! And the most important thing is that they are super humble and the nicest boys (THE BIGGEST CRACKHEADS!)
      You can watch this!

  • mariajose morales
    mariajose morales 3 dias atrás

    I love you ATEEZ

  • Do YoU kNoW tHe WaTeRmElOn ?

    Not even San:
    My only brain cell at night:HAKUNA MATATA YA HAKUNA MATATA

  • pharmacist nabaa
    pharmacist nabaa 3 dias atrás +3

    Streaming this all day and every day

    BTS XXXTENTACION 3 dias atrás +2


    YOONGI x XIUMIN 3 dias atrás

    Las voces de Mingi, Hong Joongy Sam son las puedo reconocer al toque wn se pasaron 😨😨

  • Remma
    Remma 3 dias atrás +3

    Is it just me or are they saying "On my my way?" Cause if that's true then damn ATEEZ gave us a preview of Wonderland without us even knowing...

  • Army47 street
    Army47 street 3 dias atrás

    Que onda con estos niños retalentosos? Dejen de dormirse en ellos por favor, aquí tienen al futuro del Kpop auténtico

  • Saffa Sofia
    Saffa Sofia 3 dias atrás +3

    Let’s hit 20M viewers atiny, we can do it♥️