iPhone 11 Pro Max HANDS-ON!

  • Publicado em 11 Set 2019
  • Here's my iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple Watch series 5 and new iPad + Apple Arcade!
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    FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens: geni.us/MhAPNE
    Rx100 V: geni.us/ZVGoJ
    GoPro Hero 7: geni.us/uxuU1
    Insta 360 One X: geni.us/8tEtxK
    Rx0: geni.us/BoXwFGr
    Memory Card: geni.us/zuulPoA
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Comentários • 9 045

  • Monster Willi
    Monster Willi 8 horas atrás

    Sorry for my comment but the s9 plus is way better than the iPhone 11 pro max

  • Roane Mangat
    Roane Mangat Dia atrás

    what app is that? to open multi camera

  • Aiden&Andrews Adventure
    Aiden&Andrews Adventure 2 dias atrás +1

    The app with the double recording on filmic pro is still not available but coming soon

  • Mashi Alee
    Mashi Alee 2 dias atrás

    Who else thinks iPhone 11 pro camera looks like a spider XD

  • S A
    S A 3 dias atrás

    I love your pink nails more then iphone. ❤😍

  • Mr. JTrend
    Mr. JTrend 3 dias atrás

    What is the name of the app?? Of multi cam?

  • Bella Soulist
    Bella Soulist 3 dias atrás

    What app is being used to show the front and back view in video?

  • Sabin Maharjan
    Sabin Maharjan 4 dias atrás

    What is the name of the app that can open multiple camera on iphone 11pro max

  • Kryng Pascua
    Kryng Pascua 4 dias atrás

    I didn’t catch which app you used to for back and front videos at the same time

  • Desirae Marley Grace Tatum

    7:12 I saw tiff and red 😊(in the back)

  • Nasfik Khan
    Nasfik Khan 4 dias atrás

    Wow vallagsee

  • Battle Angel
    Battle Angel 5 dias atrás +1

    Please anyone what is the camera app the girl said I’m looking for it like a live with video

    • Battle Angel
      Battle Angel 3 dias atrás +1

      Kathy Noemi ikr lmao for 17$ app

    • Kathy Noemi
      Kathy Noemi 4 dias atrás +1

      Battle Angel Filmic pro.🙂

  • Honebie Lomoljo
    Honebie Lomoljo 5 dias atrás

    hello please what app to use in multicamera???

  • giantspride56
    giantspride56 5 dias atrás +1

    Did she say Filmic Pro?

  • Dinesh Birendra
    Dinesh Birendra 5 dias atrás +7

    This is my Apple iPhone pro
    and this much only i can afford 😐

  • Alexis Satterfield
    Alexis Satterfield 6 dias atrás

    I’m thinking about upgrading from iPhone X to iPhone 11 Pro Max in the color Midnight Green since green is my favorite color. My fiancé suggested that I get it for my birthday since I use my phone for work. My iPad won’t connect to my works WiFi and both of my laptops are having issues. So it’s cheaper to upgrade my iPhone than to replace my laptops.

  • 99 Reviews
    99 Reviews 7 dias atrás +2

    Who is watching this in 2050 on iPhone 30 MAX

  • anil Patil
    anil Patil 7 dias atrás

    Best clip.mores to comes.details on,performance ,softwear,hardwear.best wishes.

  • London Miyuki
    London Miyuki 7 dias atrás

    Really enjoyed watching it. iPhones are the best. 😃

  • Spyderhead
    Spyderhead 8 dias atrás

    I am a photographer; these are not cameras. 😎

    • Chris H
      Chris H 5 dias atrás

      Gatekeeping cameras? Rlly?

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan 8 dias atrás +1

    I’m so exited I’m getting iPhone 11 pro max

  • Guy Magen
    Guy Magen 9 dias atrás

    That usage of all 4 cameras, why can't I find this? :O

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 9 dias atrás

    What app is this at 1:50 ?

  • Madhav Kakrania
    Madhav Kakrania 10 dias atrás

    Space grey or silver for the pro one?

  • Stogieman29
    Stogieman29 11 dias atrás

    Watching on an iPhone 11 pro max

  • i100487 Murad Ali Kayani
    i100487 Murad Ali Kayani 11 dias atrás


  • J D
    J D 12 dias atrás

    Which app she is talking about

  • J D
    J D 12 dias atrás

    Which app she is using for multiple camera

  • Fj Riveros
    Fj Riveros 12 dias atrás

    What’s the name of the app for the multi camera recording?

  • kasr 4000
    kasr 4000 13 dias atrás


  • Russ Cole
    Russ Cole 13 dias atrás

    5:00 - на заднем плане можно увидеть Чудо техники! Ставь лайк, если от него)

  • Gziel Jalosjos
    Gziel Jalosjos 13 dias atrás +9

    What is the apps she mentioned to be able to used multiple camera?

    • Jaselynn Morales
      Jaselynn Morales 5 dias atrás +2

      Battle Angel yea I know 🤦🏽‍♀️ and the feature isn’t out yet

    • Battle Angel
      Battle Angel 5 dias atrás

      Jaselynn Morales really omg 17$

    • Jaselynn Morales
      Jaselynn Morales 7 dias atrás

      It’s filmic pro

    • manuel matos
      manuel matos 7 dias atrás

      Whats the name? O cant find it on my max pro

  • Edson Vieira Lopes
    Edson Vieira Lopes 14 dias atrás

    Midnight green is actually Spirulina. 👍🏾

  • Mallen Johnson
    Mallen Johnson 14 dias atrás

    i just bought the iphone pro max, and watched this video with the 4 camera angle that i am very interesting in to, so what app is that?

  • James Su
    James Su 14 dias atrás

    iphone 11 pro max has A13 bionic chipset. 13 is an unlucky number. Those who r uncomforable with 13 should not buy this phone as they probably will b unlucky.
    Furthermore there is still an ugly notch & ugly 3 cameras design. It better to wait for iphone 14 models where there is a new design and 5G availability. Where 5G network is available, iphone 11 pro max is slower than any 5G android smartphones fr Samsung, LG, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oneplus 7, .... in most online websites eg gaming, dowloading, ... even though iphone 11 pro max has a much higher geekbench scores.

  • Ali Malikzai
    Ali Malikzai 14 dias atrás +1

    iPhone 11 pro max ugliest phone ever.

  • Mallen Johnson
    Mallen Johnson 14 dias atrás

    hey what app is that u clicked that has 4 camera angles?

  • Likith Aravapalli
    Likith Aravapalli 14 dias atrás

    Forget iPhone ! Here’s the all new camera phone XII

  • Aliciana Mason
    Aliciana Mason 15 dias atrás

    7:13... omg ha! Am I the only one who saw ihascupquake and red?

  • karim chakour
    karim chakour 15 dias atrás

    I get iPhone 11 pro what the name of the app for multi camera ??

  • Mallory_ Emlaw sings
    Mallory_ Emlaw sings 15 dias atrás


  • Tania Pena
    Tania Pena 15 dias atrás +2

    y’all see tiff and red 7:12 😂

  • Darren Williams
    Darren Williams 15 dias atrás

    So, I just got the Pro Max and the update for filmic pro. How do you use the multi cam? Not seeing the option and there are NO tutorials anywhere, youtube or anywhere on google which say how to use it

  • summer lover247
    summer lover247 16 dias atrás +1

    My moms iphone 11 pro max is coming tomorrow in the mail gold color

  • Pink Thunder
    Pink Thunder 16 dias atrás +4

    Welcome to another episode of "I cant afford this video"😭😭😭😭😭

  • manish mishra
    manish mishra 16 dias atrás

    iPhone 11 pro max better than others

  • Queen Wadha Wadha
    Queen Wadha Wadha 16 dias atrás

    I thinking about iPhone 11 pro max to gift my brother In her, birthday but am so nervous cause I can't afford it! 💔

  • efrain zambrano
    efrain zambrano 16 dias atrás

    Can anyone tell me how she was able to do that with the camera on the phone 2:10 ?

    ROTTER 16 dias atrás

    great video! subbed

  • Karoline Fredriksen
    Karoline Fredriksen 16 dias atrás

    What is the name of the app?

    MR 4K UPSCALER 17 dias atrás

    I'm proudly watching this on my SAMSUNG NOTE 10 + & got NOTE 9 for FREE :)

  • Benjamin Malave Jr.
    Benjamin Malave Jr. 17 dias atrás

    Not enough differences to justify the prices.
    Welcome changes:
    Increase display sizes by 0.3"
    Increase battery sizes
    Include fast charger (all models and faster than 18w)
    Dedicated low-light camera
    Start storage at 128GB
    More RAM
    Split-screen multi-tasking
    Picture in picture multi-tasking
    Bootcamp for iOS (to run Android on iPhone)

  • Jarman Singh Singh
    Jarman Singh Singh 17 dias atrás

    Hi sister

  • surtigal
    surtigal 17 dias atrás

    Im happy with my i phone 8 plus thanks

  • The Khan
    The Khan 17 dias atrás

    Is there anyone who could gift iPhone 11 pro to me? 🤢

  • Maria Orozco
    Maria Orozco 17 dias atrás

    How was she able to record herself while also recording the front view????

  • Alia
    Alia 17 dias atrás

    Which app is that to record the two lens simultaneously?

  • Shelamei Alvarez
    Shelamei Alvarez 17 dias atrás

    Idol Can you gift me in my birthday. Im your no. Fan I always watch your blog.

  • therobnfw
    therobnfw 17 dias atrás +3

    What’s the name of the App she mentions for the multi camera recording? Filmit pro or Filmic Pro? I need that app.

    • Jaselynn Morales
      Jaselynn Morales 5 dias atrás

      Filmic pro it’s like $17 and the features is not out yet

    • Fj Riveros
      Fj Riveros 12 dias atrás

      Let me know! 😭😭

  • Pusheen_Casey
    Pusheen_Casey 17 dias atrás

    Who’s watching this on an iPhone 7

  • MD Ajaz
    MD Ajaz 17 dias atrás +1

    What happened ?

  • MD Ajaz
    MD Ajaz 17 dias atrás +1

    Please don't forget response me so beautiful your voice and your body like you

  • MD Ajaz
    MD Ajaz 17 dias atrás +1

    So every thing else but I like you ! I love you 💓

  • Семен Фролов
    Семен Фролов 18 dias atrás

    Глючит iPhone 11 Pro Max, снял на видео как это происходит br-plus.net/video/vHIUetF5NNw/video.html

  • szewei85
    szewei85 18 dias atrás

    Haha very cool

  • Nathan’s Beats
    Nathan’s Beats 18 dias atrás

    My battery is crap but still is good I could use is it till 2022

  • Arjun Prakash
    Arjun Prakash 18 dias atrás

    Anyone having issues with Wi-Fi on iPhone 11 Pro?

  • angela marrufo
    angela marrufo 18 dias atrás

    The iPhone 11 max pro in dark green is dope. For someone who barely bought it I love it 😍

  • Stoney Thorburn
    Stoney Thorburn 18 dias atrás

    Anyone who has the new IPhone does it only unlock with facial recognition...

  • Luis xD
    Luis xD 18 dias atrás

    Worst phone ever

  • Robiie Ray
    Robiie Ray 18 dias atrás +3

    Ughhh every time I read something everybody talking about there 6s 🤭 or 6s plus. I still use my 6s and max together

  • Noelan Victoria
    Noelan Victoria 18 dias atrás

    Why does so many people in this comment section either have the IPhone 6 or 6s? I’m over here with a IPhone 8 😂

  • Mats Bengtsson
    Mats Bengtsson 19 dias atrás

    What app are you using to see images from every camera lens at the same time?

  • Mahdi Ibrahim
    Mahdi Ibrahim 19 dias atrás

    Hey i just got this amazing long type-c to lightning cable from this website... for my new iPhone 11 Pro..


  • Thot Thot
    Thot Thot 19 dias atrás +5

    I just got the 11 pro max. Went from the iPhone X. Tbh i feel like i just spent 2k on a camera 🙃💀

  • Breiia Mahreei
    Breiia Mahreei 19 dias atrás

    Who’s watching on there 7 plus
    SUBSCRIBE 💕💕 I film on mine

  • Kage Hasegawa 長谷川影

    Ok can someone explain the difference between the 11, pro, and pro max? Because I only see two options on their site max isn’t listed anywhere

  • Joannade Williams
    Joannade Williams 19 dias atrás

    Cameras look like my clothes buttons

  • Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson 19 dias atrás

    Hacktivityforall.com does mobile unlock

  • Cephalon JD
    Cephalon JD 19 dias atrás +9

    Why in the comment section has so many iPhone 6 users,i thought i was the only one 😂

  • Unkown Ruh roh raggy
    Unkown Ruh roh raggy 19 dias atrás +2

    **Me and the people who cant afford this is in the back like**

  • Bewar Aziz
    Bewar Aziz 19 dias atrás

    What if Apple made flagships like Huawei, Samsung or Xiaomi, how would you react? Poor Apple users.. 😁 Are you really impressed with this or you're just acting like you are impressed 😂😂

  • Sea Turtle
    Sea Turtle 19 dias atrás

    I really love the purple iPhone 11 but I want the 11 pro max. Which one should I get??!

    • A Five Year Old
      A Five Year Old 19 dias atrás

      Emily Sierra 11, unless you’re really into cameras

  • Ashley Gilkerson
    Ashley Gilkerson 20 dias atrás

    So I have the 11 pro max and that filmic pro app I I cannot figure out how to do a selfie and wide camera video at the same time like you do in this video I’m literally dying inside right now

  • hey
    hey 20 dias atrás

    I'm trading my 11 for the pro max. I had filmic on my 6s, then my 11 but I did not see that multifilm feature. I love my 11 phone so much!

  • hey
    hey 20 dias atrás

    I've gotten used to my 11 now, I wish i could get the pro max. I'm a visual person so I would appreciate more vivid colors on my screen. I also love tech.

  • Keem acosta
    Keem acosta 20 dias atrás

    iJustine what is the name of the apps that you use recording a video then it works the front cam and back cam at the same time whats that apps ? thankyou

  • Linux ?
    Linux ? 20 dias atrás

    IPhone12 = 4 cameras lenses

  • Дима Дремов
    Дима Дремов 20 dias atrás

    Кто увидел сзади на 5:20 канал чудо техники-лайк!Он её тоже видел когда снимал.

  • Kellrman
    Kellrman 20 dias atrás

    🎛🎛🎛 iphone 20 🥵

  • Everyday Techy
    Everyday Techy 20 dias atrás

    It’s a nice upgrade if you have an older model (2.-3 years plus) which I did have. So for me it’s a sweet move .... Camera/Battery life 👍🏾

  • Patricia Lytle
    Patricia Lytle 20 dias atrás

    I’m not going to get the pro it cost to much the other one is cheap

  • Patricia Lytle
    Patricia Lytle 20 dias atrás

    I like the iPhone 11

  • David Van Horn
    David Van Horn 20 dias atrás

    Alright, just being honest her slofie was really cool.......

  • Jawid Saeedi
    Jawid Saeedi 20 dias atrás

    How do you use front and back camera in sometime

  • Joe B
    Joe B 20 dias atrás

    Did you film this using an I phone 11 pro?

  • B Pomer
    B Pomer 20 dias atrás

    Scerew my iPhone X I’m getting the iPhone 11

  • Kehlani iamei
    Kehlani iamei 20 dias atrás

    Upgraded from the 6plus to the iPhone 11 pro max & honestly it looks so much better in person & I love it!

  • 2000dbarton
    2000dbarton 20 dias atrás

    So is the picture in picture video feature only on the Max version? Went and looked at them at the AT&T store and could not find the Film app she talked about.

  • haytham abuaker
    haytham abuaker 21 dia atrás

    Subscribe to my channel please
    "haytham abuaker"