Blockbuster Video - Retro Rewind

  • Publicado em 3 Abr 2016
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    Chris Stuckmann and his wife Sam filmed inside one of the last remaining Blockbuster Video's in the U.S.! This video also discusses rental chains of old, and some that are still around!
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  • Mitch Rabe
    Mitch Rabe 2 dias atrás

    I thought the part about your wife finding that return slot at the old Blockbuster in her town was so cool. It actually led me to google search all the old locations here in the town I moved to. I have checked two of them out and the only remnants I have found is only the faded blue sign post at one location. Still have four more to explore.

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five 5 dias atrás

    Going to rent movies and or games... it was A special event..., we used to pick up a pizza or something and go rent movies... just walking through the place looking at the movies and games and picking out what you want..., going home and everyone would get together and watch movies together and eat pizza, we would make popcorn..., It was Special...., These days it feels like everything that used to be something special has become basic and commercialised , not just talking about movies.. everything man... , remember Drive In movies? remember talking to a pretty girl and getting her phone number and being so nervous, calling her up on the phone... sometimes talking for hours.. or just calling a friend or they call you.. the point is you had actual lengthy real conversations like a couple of real human beings with souls and hearts and brains... none of this texting bullshit..., and there were things to do places where people would go to hang out and kick it..., drive ins, and skating rinks and arcades..., Movie rental places... shopping malls not the modern shit malls but back when there were actually cool stores.. and cheap food courts with good food and people hanging out..., people used to have conversations with eachother, walking around even crowded places now... these days even going to a carnival or something everyone seems like .. idk like that movie the faculty or invasion of the bodysnatchers or something... like the basic humanity and soul was sucked out of them and replaced by a robot or alien parasite or something.. fuckin children of the corn everywhere...

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five 5 dias atrás

    tugs at my heart strings..., God what I wouldn't give to just go back in time to the 90s or very early 2000s, if I could jump into my younger body... if not then might as well just go to like the 70s and 80s probably even better back then...

  • J Adam
    J Adam 6 dias atrás

    I use to work at Hollywood video when i was a teen. It was my first Job ever and i loved it. The cheesy little vid they made me watch when i got hired is actually on BR-plus. Epic!!!

  • Dwide Shrude
    Dwide Shrude 6 dias atrás

    dude remember the anticipation when you would spot the new release section and you would scan all the copies with your eyes and hope and hope their was a copy left? Things are too easy these days. Respect for making this video.

  • Toon Bartholome
    Toon Bartholome 10 dias atrás

    I was born in 2003 and live in belgium, I remember going to rent a movie called over the hedge there. I have no idea how the store was called cause I was still little.

  • Ben Sutherland
    Ben Sutherland 18 dias atrás

    I have a fond memory of a DVD van that this guy would drive around the villages around the area of Dornoch in the highlands of Scotland.

    He had this huge long wheelbase van that he had just converted into a small DVD rental store in the back of it, it was such a buzz when he parked up on my auntie street and honked his horn, the only thing that would make it better is if he had some famous theme music playing to identify it easier, in the same way you can hear an ice cream truck coming.

  • Indiephantom
    Indiephantom 19 dias atrás

    Think this is closed now? Heard the last one is in Bend, Oregon.

  • Arun Birring
    Arun Birring 21 dia atrás +2

    In England we have a shop called HMV which sell tons of movies, games and music. You mainly find it in malls or around the high street

  • MetalAllDayAllNight
    MetalAllDayAllNight 23 dias atrás

    Movie night was awesome. A friend would come for a sleep over and we'd head out to the Blockbuster. My parents would pick a movie or 2 for themselves and we'd go and look for a movie for ourselves. Then we'd all pick a movie to watch together. Then we'd pick up a box of popcorn and a bottle of Pepsi or whatever. Wed make the popcorn, get out the cups and find a place to get comfortable in the living room and watch the movie we all picked. Then we'd go to my room and watch the movie us kids picked and the adults would watch their movies by themselves. It was so much fun. I wish somehow they'd bring back movie rental places and everyone would just agree to going back to that type of thing.

  • Joshua Teixeira
    Joshua Teixeira 23 dias atrás +1

    I remember when I was 5, I used to live in house which was right across the road from a DVD rental store Almost everyday, my mum and I used to walk across to the DVD rental store and go straight to the documentary section to try and find as many dinosaur documentaries as I could find so I could binge watch them. It's sad to see that my early childhood aka DVD rental stores are now disappearing due to streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video and many more.

  • Bill DelFera
    Bill DelFera 24 dias atrás

    Or you can go to GameStop and rent a game for free after you beat it just return it and get all your money back. But I think that's frowned upon

  • Bill DelFera
    Bill DelFera 24 dias atrás

    nothing beats the Blockbuster 4 for $20 deal.

  • Josiah Ayudante
    Josiah Ayudante 28 dias atrás

    My Hollywood Video got replaced by..... a Family Video. Who would've guessed

  • DUB
    DUB Mês atrás

    Anyone still have a movie from Blockbuster they never gave back? I still have The Prestige DVD with the sticker on it and everything

  • Steel Blade
    Steel Blade Mês atrás

    I remember having Blockbuster across the mall from where i used to live. Years later, that place become a bank. :'( man I miss blockbuster days, it was amazing.

  • Plebdominus Rex
    Plebdominus Rex Mês atrás

    I may be a GenZ But I was raised like a 90s kid, I had VHS tapes, I went to Blockbuster and Hollywood video with my Family, we used rent all types of movies got candy, as a 5 to 8 year old I would always get the chocolate Whoppers in the candy bin. It’s where I would rent the Wall-E PlayStation 2 game and would always get upset when I would get so close to beating it only to have to return it after the weekend was up when I would visit my dad! and when I heard that Blockbuster was going out of business I was legitimately upset, and when I heard of Netflix for the first time, I thought it was the dumbest idea, and always favored places like Blockbuster and Hollywood video over it.

  • William Matthews
    William Matthews Mês atrás

    We have a Family Video in our town but I really miss the mom & pop independent video rental stores. They seemed to have such unique collections as opposed to just the new releases and popular older titles that the franchises specialized in. When I was a kid I remember roaming the aisles, looking at horror movie titles especially and wanting to rent a movie based on the cover art. Those were the days...

  • Horology Hour
    Horology Hour Mês atrás

    Not at a Blockbusters but a smaller rental store I rented Scream 3, 2 and 1 in that order because they only one copy of each. Scream 3 was a confusing watch but I still enjoyed it.

  • Jomar Beran
    Jomar Beran Mês atrás

    There used to be one at my neighborhood and it would always make my day how fun it was finding an awesome action flick especially if they were asian action movies that were new releases at that time and just sitting down on my carpet as I'm excited to watch Jackie Chan kick ass...sigh.....yes we have more convenience of Netflix and digital now but the memories will never compare.

  • solomon thornton
    solomon thornton Mês atrás

    When i was little there was a blockbuster and Hollywood video store literally not to far apart. I remember the days.

  • Mathutie Operation
    Mathutie Operation Mês atrás


  • andy c
    andy c Mês atrás

    Ohio, Indiana, East coast?

  • Mr. LabraDerp
    Mr. LabraDerp Mês atrás

    -From Lexington KY
    My blockbuster is a Most Valuable Pets now.
    So i still go there to buy dog food.
    I will say every now and then i find myself over by the corner of the store remembering all the times me and my neighborhood friends would hang out in the horror section and bs for hours.
    Its the puppy pad section now haha
    but still

  • gothatway09
    gothatway09 Mês atrás

    We had Blockbuster up till 2008 or so, if this video was uploaded in 2016, then it was only 7 or 8 years for most people without Blockbuster. But Stuckman you act like it's been 20 years?


    I loved it when they had like rent 3 and get 2 free rentals.... and I'd be in the store so long deciding what other two movies to pick up

  • Coleman Huckins
    Coleman Huckins 2 meses atrás

    There is actually a family video right down the street from my house in bonham tx and me and my gf go there all the time

  • Eff You
    Eff You 2 meses atrás


  • Violet Moon
    Violet Moon 2 meses atrás

    I understand the nostalgia. However, I worked five years for Blockbuster 97-2002. Unfortunately, there was a horrible dark side to being an employee. Not only was our customer base insane...I had my life threatened many times over late fees, but the company were comprised of total assholes. They screwed me so many times I am still sore. The bad vibes that filled that place permeated the walls. It felt like walking into a dungeon. I was so thrilled when the one I worked at closed down. I almost did a naked fire dance in front of the place.

  • princessthyemis
    princessthyemis 2 meses atrás

    oh my gosh renting video games sounds like the best!!! I remember Hollywood Video!

  • princessthyemis
    princessthyemis 2 meses atrás +1

    I have a ton of memories of going to sleep over at my grandma's house as a kid, with my siblings, and we'd always drive to Blockbusters to pick up a movie to watch! My grandma's house was a special place because we could watch movies there and didn't at home....and now, decades later it's the kind of sad opposite; our house is stuffed with Netflix and Amazon Prime and phones and WiFi and her house has become a haven for the opposite reason: because it *doesn't* have internet. I love my Blockbuster memories! We used to watch Castle in the Sky a TOOON.

  • Jessica Rush
    Jessica Rush 2 meses atrás

    i always wanted to work at a video store as well

  • Jessica Rush
    Jessica Rush 2 meses atrás

    i always looked forward to renting movies on a friday night after school and i still on occasion rent movies at a family video esp when i go to my grandmas house in columbus ohio

  • HELLASgate7
    HELLASgate7 2 meses atrás

    I hate Netflix. They came out with the mail in service and killed blockbuster. Then they came out with the streaming service and killed the mailing one. Now we have to rent our movies at Supermarkets 😩

  • Nicholas Rytting
    Nicholas Rytting 2 meses atrás

    Ohio also has Cedar Point and Kings Island. It's pretty awesome.

  • Dylan blogs 10 3rd channle


  • S M
    S M 2 meses atrás

    OMG The pizza place in the video store is my DREAM! Technology, great as it is, is beginning to rob us of experiences, huh?

  • md87punk
    md87punk 2 meses atrás

    My mate and I loved movies growing up. His mum was the manager at the local cinema so we would get to watch for free if we cleaned it after, so much fun. We would go to the Blockbuster or Video City (our two stores in town, Australia btw). We'd spend hours trying to choose 5 weekly films, we'd make "maybe" and "yes" piles on the floor with constant debate. I loved the rental stores from back in the day, I also love Netflix but you're right Chris (ironically my mate's name is Chris) there's something sad about having lost the chance for my kids to go through that experience. I really hadn't thought about how many hours I spent in store like that or how much those memories really meant to me until watching this Retro Rewind. Thankyou my dude.

  • darrin cleary
    darrin cleary 3 meses atrás

    I’m a little younger than Chris but man I remember as a kid going to Blockbuster - my mom used to go to the grocery store and she would ask me to come and I used to say “only if I can rent a game “ ( I swear I was a good kid ) but we always ended up getting a movie for ourselves and I got my game. Good times

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 3 meses atrás

    My cousin used to work at a video rental store. I believe it was called 'Video Update'. We used to rent a ton of movies for pennies on the dollar and just have movie marathons!

  • Trenton Dean
    Trenton Dean 3 meses atrás

    In Newark Ohio, we had a place called Video Variety. They had a deal. 5 movies, 5 nights for 5 bucks.

  • john paul flynn
    john paul flynn 3 meses atrás

    Netflix sucks now

  • Ricky Gutierrez
    Ricky Gutierrez 3 meses atrás

    I miss going into a blockbuster everyday weekend and walk through the horror section. I always rent old school horror and till this day i love old horror films because of that. Its not the same when you rent in a Redbox. Thanks for the memories bro!

  • FlatPanelAllen
    FlatPanelAllen 3 meses atrás

    Blockbuster, a safe haven for any movie fan back in the day.

  • boredstudent
    boredstudent 3 meses atrás

    There was a Blockbuster Video I used to go to and it's become a loan center. The other Blockbuster Video I used to go to became a clinic

  • 21melpomene
    21melpomene 3 meses atrás

    I feel blessed to still have a Family Video only 30 minutes away...

  • tgrujic1965
    tgrujic1965 3 meses atrás

    Awesome vid!

  • Storm Blessed
    Storm Blessed 4 meses atrás

    I worked at Blockbuster right after graduating high school (the dream, I know lol). You think people get angry when you screw up their order, imagine telling a mother and her screaming children that they owe x amount of money and cannot rent anything. A lot of the times, us employees would get so fed up, that we’d just tell them to create a new account (not me, you pay your dues). It was a fun experience overall and my best friend was a manager. When the big boss wasn’t working, we’d put a movie on instead of the looping promotional clips, order pizza, and throw a super bouncy ball around. Every now and then, I have dreams about working their ha! I do miss the video rental experience.

  • Naji Elkhuri
    Naji Elkhuri 4 meses atrás

    I still remember mom & pop rental stores before Blockbuster & Hollywood eliminated them

  • Dan L
    Dan L 4 meses atrás

    My dad passed away around 5 years ago and one of my prized possessions is his blockbuster card. We went there once a week for like 15 years. It was always the best part of the week

  • TheWolverine87
    TheWolverine87 4 meses atrás

    Hollywood Video Rental Store was the legendary store

  • fiscer247
    fiscer247 4 meses atrás

    The Blockbuster next to me turned into a beauty supply store.

  • Will Grover
    Will Grover 4 meses atrás

    I live in Youngstown, Ohio and our Family Video has a Marco's Pizza attached too, lol. And yeah, it's actually STILL pretty successful in our city.

  • society goose
    society goose 4 meses atrás

    In Ireland we had xtravision loved that place me and my dad would always rent a movie or game every Friday

  • J
    J 4 meses atrás

    I still have my blockbuster card.

  • Patry DiCha
    Patry DiCha 4 meses atrás

    This is awesome... I'm sad that I'm seeing this 3 years later, but I'm glad I did & I still want to comment: I have several good memories about renting movies in a Blockbuster store. It was a really great thing to do, for sure as I am a movie addict for as long as I can remember. I was so sad when my store was closed, and then I had to rent or buy in little independent stores that closed a little later down the road as well. Thanks to the internet & all the streaming options that we now have (that also happened with cassettes, lp's and floppy disks), but I do miss the good old renting days! Thanks for doing this video Chris

  • Derek G
    Derek G 4 meses atrás

    THE STUCKMANN LIVES NEAR ME, WHATTT?!?!?!?! Family Video AND a Discount Drugstore?? I need to keep my eyes open from now on lol

  • DackRambo
    DackRambo 4 meses atrás

    I'm a sucker for a hot guy in glasses

  • MikeJ 2016
    MikeJ 2016 4 meses atrás

    We had west coast video when I was growing up. I grew up on the east coast

  • Brett Stanton
    Brett Stanton 4 meses atrás

    Screw block buster. I remember mom and pop shops in your local neighborhood in the mid 1980's . They were the only places where you could rent videos. The people who owned them would be working there. It was so personable and freindly. Then blockbuster came along and put them out of business. And now blockbuster has been decimated. Good. Karma.👍