The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened?

  • Publicado em 21 Jun 2017
  • Today Blockbuster is effectively gone, but there was a time when they were the standard for movie rentals. This video takes an in depth look into the rise, decline, and attempts to answer the question of what exactly happened to Blockbuster.
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Comentários • 6 288

  • The Michael
    The Michael 16 horas atrás

    I didn't like Blockbuster, I was more of a Hollywood Video guy. Hollywood Video was better because they didn't cheat the customer with late fees. Plus, I am a bit biased because I worked for Hollywood Video as a second job at various times and it was a good time and an easy job. Sure, Blockbuster was national where Hollywood was mostly on the West Coast, but Hollywood Video had better price points and the stores were cleaner. Every time I went with a friend of mine to a Blockbuster I felt like it was dirty and understaffed. And at first some movies were 2 day, 3 day, or 5 day. With Hollywood it was all 5 day. No confusing days to keep track. Locally, today, there are a handful of video stores that are still thriving because some people are not set up to stream. Some don't have internet. So, the video rental store still exists in my city today continuing to offer new releases of the latest films.

  • Vampirizian
    Vampirizian 2 dias atrás

    In my area, Redbox brutalized blockbuster simply because it was way easier to go to the redboxes in front of the store, and $1 a night was a pretty unbeatable price

  • Cindy M. D.
    Cindy M. D. 2 dias atrás

    I miss the experience I had at Blockbuster looking through videos to rent. You could rent them and buy them later if you wanted to. I wish they'd come back but, they probably wouldn't.

  • FillBar
    FillBar 2 dias atrás

    Shaq wishes he was Rich Evans.

  • mneri84
    mneri84 2 dias atrás

    Other - late fees. Charging customers who damage vhs.

  • turtle boygamer
    turtle boygamer 3 dias atrás

    Rip block buster and I block buster think block busted

  • Carolina PFan
    Carolina PFan 5 dias atrás

    I remember having to totally rearrange my schedule and the all out stress I suffered at the hands of Blockbuster Video (the enormous late fees and the ridiculous time limits for their movies, especially new releases)... good riddance

  • thatbator
    thatbator 6 dias atrás

    Stop saying "Twenty O 4, Twenty O 5" MFF! Its annoying!

  • M K
    M K 6 dias atrás

    I share all your beloved memories of video rentals until this point 1:34
    In NYC, Personally, whenever I'd go to a BB I just didn't get that same feeling of being at the older, local mom/pop video store; like BB was this new, cheap imitation. There's no doubt, BB was the last place I'd go for rentals, in fact, I never rented from them. 🤔

  • khotan
    khotan 6 dias atrás

    It had a really ugly yellow sign?

  • greenpanic6
    greenpanic6 6 dias atrás

    I don’t remember them how is that maybe I went there like twice maybe

  • zt1053
    zt1053 6 dias atrás

    Redbox was the nail in the coffin for blockbuster.

  • peppyzanadu
    peppyzanadu 6 dias atrás

    I won the first video game tournament in my area through blockbuster.

  • melanated misfit
    melanated misfit 6 dias atrás

    I'm glad there's still a Family Video in my area.

  • Ned Lan
    Ned Lan 6 dias atrás

    2025..the fall of Netflix..Hulu happened.. seriously Netflix is shit right now..

  • Sage -
    Sage - 7 dias atrás

    I loved blockbuster. From my mum buying me a new playstation 1 game to being old enough to rent my own xbox 360 games.
    I used to loved going to blockbuster for the weekend and rent movies or buy the £2 ones that they were trying to shake off!

  • Trypheana Young
    Trypheana Young 7 dias atrás

    When I moved into my first apartment this was my favorite friday night thing to do. I would browse forever grap snacks on the way home and enjoy. Then I found RED BOX and blockbuster slowly died out.

  • Nick Byrd
    Nick Byrd 7 dias atrás

    Didn't Blockbuster offer "Movie Insurance"?? Was that the "Other"?

  • Jennifer J. Quin
    Jennifer J. Quin 8 dias atrás

    they use to sale exclusive items, which i loved.

  • HERP derp
    HERP derp 9 dias atrás

    Other: Late fees

  • Michael DiPiano
    Michael DiPiano 10 dias atrás

    Hahaha Enron

  • Michael DiPiano
    Michael DiPiano 10 dias atrás

    Haha we switched from Netflix to blockbuster subscription. Haha then back to Netflix when bb died.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 12 dias atrás

    me: I miss the old Blockbuster video stores at its height.
    also me: *clicks remote to watch next JAG show on CBS All Access*

  • aoescool
    aoescool 14 dias atrás

    blockbuster use to be the start of a good weekend.. the decline of blockbuster came way before netflix.. from them getting sued by people having crazy late fees, red box, bootleg dvds getting way better, napster/bareshare and all the early pirate download services. then finally netflix!!!

  • Michael Hartman
    Michael Hartman 14 dias atrás

    I loved blockbuster! Rent a movie, buy a game, nvr bought games always purchased

  • Rockk
    Rockk 15 dias atrás

    We used to rent the n64 games and switch out the circuit board things in the cartridges lol

  • Yamcha Kippur
    Yamcha Kippur 15 dias atrás

    From about 2006 to 2010, my mom and I would go to Blockbuster just about every week and rent a few movies. I watched a lot of good stuff that way. We then got Netflix in 2012 or 2013. I used it for a bit, but I don't think I've opened it for more than a year. Blockbuster seemed like it always had a much bigger selection than Netflix.

  • itz yo gurll jenna
    itz yo gurll jenna 16 dias atrás +2

    2073: the decline of disney +... what happend?

  • Macdelina Steven
    Macdelina Steven 17 dias atrás

    To me block buster ended when movie prices became cheap. I use to walk 40mins with my cousins every Friday to rent a movie. Then a reading cinema took over the old village cinema and their prices dropped to $11. I didn’t need to rent the latest movies anymore I can afford to watch them immediately.
    I live in Australia bye.

  • Green Pillow
    Green Pillow 17 dias atrás

    I do have Netflix but most of the films are garbage. I miss Blockbuster

  • juan marshall
    juan marshall 18 dias atrás

    I think that Greed for the late fee killed them they didn't want to give it up

  • Like90
    Like90 18 dias atrás

    I miss the game rentals.

  • Steve Puffery
    Steve Puffery 19 dias atrás

    It was very complicated at the time, going from analog tape to digital DVD’s. That had to cost them.

  • zerodawn09
    zerodawn09 19 dias atrás

    another issue was movies comming out to buy at the same time as rent. before dvd's movies were able to be rented 3 months before to buy. that made the only way to see it was to rent. now people buy before they rent and that kills the renting market.

  • Rose Makhmaltchi
    Rose Makhmaltchi 20 dias atrás

    You perfectly described that Blockbuster experience! There was one 5 minutes from my home when I was a kid and we visited it regularly.

    I also worked there during the time when Blockbuster was trying to compete with Netflix's mail-based service. We were forced to ask every customer if they wanted to join Blockbuster's subscription mail-based DVD service -- every customer, every time we saw them. We had customers that would visit the store several times per week and we had to ask them EVERY time, or get scolded by our manager. Customers eventually became angry with us and would yell at us for asking. They'd be like "You asked me the last time I was here!" It really sucked.

    People at that store didn't want to sign up for the mail-based service. One day, the store manager closed the door to her office and soon, we could hear screaming coming through her office phone. I could hear it all the way from the other side of the store! She was literally getting screamed at by a higher-up because our store wasn't performing on subscriptions. She cracked down on us even harder after that but all it did was tick off the customers even more.

    I remember the mad scramble every Friday and Saturday night for new releases. The place would be packed and people would form a line on the wrong side of the counter, waiting for someone to return one of the hottest new releases so that they could rent it because we were out of it! They'd yell from behind me (while I was attending to the long line of customers in front of me), "Which movie is that??!!! Hey! Which one is that??!!"

    That was an inconvenience to the customers. Some of them felt like their entire weekend was ruined because the couldn't get the movie their kids wanted to watch. I think it's another thing that led to the decline of rental stores, in general.

  • Grand Old Soul
    Grand Old Soul 20 dias atrás

    i was more of hollywood video type of guy. it was also something to do as well. go pick a movie. i woudl take a while just looking at the movies like they were art. i would put in some head phones and get lost in the horror section my favorite and pick a movie. favorite time was sunset time to go. i could make an hour out of it. and there was a taco bell around the corner. so i would get a movie then go to taco bell and then be all set. never had those memories with block buster. i would get bored in that store and wanna get out

  • Clepsidra Sideral
    Clepsidra Sideral 20 dias atrás +1

    3:03 I guess it was the penalty for not rewinding your tapes.

  • Sam
    Sam 20 dias atrás

    lmao dumbgood merch

  • chaileaves
    chaileaves 21 dia atrás

    i kind of hope blockbuster makes an amazing come back somehow because the nostalgia of walking into one with my parents every week is a fond memory

  • 482darkknight
    482darkknight 21 dia atrás

    Cinemas are still kicking around. They streamlined their operations and the business model has survived.
    Blockbuster was mired in its own sales model and couldn't imagine the pace of change would make it lose market share so fast.

  • Dina DeVoe
    Dina DeVoe 21 dia atrás +1

    Little Caesar’s Pizza was directly next door to our Blockbuster. Man, that was LIVIN’!

  • crashdemon
    crashdemon 22 dias atrás

    my fondest memory of blockbuster was getting this bigass gummy cobra that took me like 5 hrs to finish bc i was like 7 and it was as tall as me

  • Weston Hansen
    Weston Hansen 22 dias atrás

    i still have a family video in my town and it’s in business 😂

  • Doctor Sweetleaf
    Doctor Sweetleaf 22 dias atrás

    Blockbuster always sucked in my town. Mom and pop shops had 5,000 options, Blockbuster had 50 copies of 100 options.

  • Rob Woodward
    Rob Woodward 22 dias atrás

    Netflix , killed it, yes it did

  • Soylent Meme
    Soylent Meme 22 dias atrás

    Blockbuster's streaming service was riddled with hoops to jump through. For one thing, it wasn't even a streaming service, you had to download the movies BEFORE you could watch them. And you couldn't share accounts or you'll be locked out.
    Compare that to Netflix, who couldn't give a fuck if you shared your account

  • S H
    S H 23 dias atrás

    Red 📦

  • S H
    S H 23 dias atrás

    Red box

  • Jeanie Chowdury
    Jeanie Chowdury 23 dias atrás

    It was fun.

  • Etchy
    Etchy 23 dias atrás

    two memories for BB was. 1) Asked a clerk how he thought the company was doing considering the competition from netflix. He said they are doing great and are hiring people. That store was closed a year later. 2) The sadness of seeing a new release all gone but then asking someone to check the drop off box to see if it was in it and there was one!!!!

    Our local BB would actually reserve a copy for you if you called in and ask them to. Not sure if they all did.

  • FNGXCha
    FNGXCha 23 dias atrás +1

    Blockbuster is the fucking best miss it so fucking much better then Redbox

  • hans merker
    hans merker 23 dias atrás

    I remember going to Blockbuster with my grandparents as a kid. It was special because I could see what was new and what wasn't.

  • Sergei Suvorov
    Sergei Suvorov 24 dias atrás

    Man, I remember going to blockbuster with my dad and picking out movies... good times. RIP.

  • lexi smith
    lexi smith 24 dias atrás +1

    The blockbuster I used to go to as a kid (I'm 24) is now a dunkin donuts. Much better use of space if you ask me.

  • Venatus64
    Venatus64 24 dias atrás

    i would really like to order a movie from netflix

  • Acrobatic_ Jesus
    Acrobatic_ Jesus 25 dias atrás

    The blockbuster in my community use to have an arcade with a bunch of really cool games in it. You could go play arcade games for a few hours and then get some movies or video games and go home with friends for the night. It was a huge part of my middle school years.

  • madmadgames gaming
    madmadgames gaming 25 dias atrás

    Ask john antiaco

  • Rob Kirby
    Rob Kirby 25 dias atrás

    Hollywood Video was just as good.

  • joseph king
    joseph king 25 dias atrás

    You completely ignored red box’s roll in their decline. Redbox was the reason I stopped going to blockbuster completely. You also didn’t point out that Redbox and Netflix were cheaper because they didn’t have the overhead blockbuster did. Fact is blockbuster could have NEVER competed with these two at a competitive price point.

  • DK Giante
    DK Giante 25 dias atrás

    Always figured it was Netflix "fault" in majority at least