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Police Find Rare CSGO Knife
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All Horror Games Are The Same
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Hardcore Wrestling
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Hentai Survive Island
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The Worst Movie on Youtube
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Tall Women and Prom
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Breaking Into Hitler's House
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Polar Bear Police Force
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Police Find Sex Toys
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Neil deGrasse Tyson Is A Horrible Person
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Cursed Kids Show
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Moist Meter | Hobbs and Shaw
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My Dogs Hate Keanu Reeves
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Moist Meter | The Boys
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Is Twitch Dying
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Police Catch Cobra Commander
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Killer Bees Are Dangerous
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Psychicpebbles Funeral
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I Finally Tried Minecraft
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This Movie Ruined My Childhood Hero
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Todd Howard Shows No Mercy
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Drunk Wrestling
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Police Catch A Grandmother With 66lbs of Weed
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React Channel
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Cow Shit Throwing Competition
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Moist Meter | Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
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The Official Podcast #138: Hard Turbo on Netflix
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This Bodybuilder Will Change Your Universe
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Defeating Aliens With Kung Fu
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Dog Steals A Man's Wife
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Allergic Hero Fights Wasps
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Youtube Conspiracy Theory
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Burping Fetish
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Police Discover a A New Dog Breed
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Cats Looks Awful
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Moist Meter | The Lion King
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Extreme Speed Dating
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I Created The Best Vape Trick
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Live PD is Wild
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Weaponized Toilet Brush
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Moist Meter | Crawl
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Area 51 Secrets Revealed
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The Chad Gamer
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I Grew 4 Inches in a Day
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Slapping Face Massages
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Short Man Rage at Bagel Shop
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Clown Fetish
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Tall Women and Short Men
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Moist Meter | One Punch Man
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God Warrior of War
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Moist Meter | Stranger Things
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Samurai vs Dinosaur
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Why Can't Games Just Be Fun
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Destiny 2 Is An Easy Game
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Comic Con Speed Dating
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The Official Podcast #135: The Contest
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God Warrior
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I Won The Bottle Cap Challenge
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Moist Meter | Midsommar
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The Bible Is Hardcore
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Moist Meter | Spider-Man: Far From Home
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Geek Love
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My Dad and I Built The World's Fastest Gaming Chair
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Sleepy Blacksmith
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Moist Meter | Annabelle Comes Home
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KPop Fans Scare Me
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The Official Podcast #134: Yiffcord
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A New Slapping Champion Has Arrived
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Jaystation Is The Biggest Douchebag
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Chad vs Redditor
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I Am The Best Player in Teamfight Tactics
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Belle Delphine Has Betrayed Us
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  • The Union Spy
    The Union Spy 13 segundos atrás

    I know a friend, his dad is 54 but his mom is literally younger than him, shes 19 and he is 21. This stuff is more common than you think.

  • Chloe’s Cove
    Chloe’s Cove 52 segundos atrás

    *rEtuRn ThE SlaB* Scared the fuck outta me as a kid okay like fuck you if you say that episode didn’t make almost shit bricks as a child

  • Spandan Ganguli
    Spandan Ganguli 59 segundos atrás

    I didn't murder my child, it was an suprise abortion.

  • Chrispy Bacon
    Chrispy Bacon Minuto atrás

    Do it for the money

  • Linkins Legion
    Linkins Legion 2 minutos atrás

    That guy literally just deserve to be beaten in an Alley... Like Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx; one hundred times... thatll suffice.

  • Tom
    Tom 2 minutos atrás

    me, seeing the thumbnail: god this better not be what it looks like me, 2 seconds into the video: god fucking damn it

  • super not best friends dont play

    I've never used reddit Edit: thanks for the likes from myself

  • Kilovw Dude
    Kilovw Dude 3 minutos atrás

    I'm only 18! My wife won't be born for another 10 years Edit: wives

  • Samurai Donkey
    Samurai Donkey 4 minutos atrás

    As someone who never regularly watched Invader Zim (only saw about like 3 episodes maybe), I loved this movie. Everything just feels so whacky and the characters are incredibly lovable. Might have to go watch the rest of the series, I guess.

  • Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson 4 minutos atrás

    Tumblr on ice

  • Your Sexualized Grandparents

    I think she got with the 69 year old because he's gonna die soon.

  • Karl with a C
    Karl with a C 6 minutos atrás

    y my pp hard lol

  • Just a Duracell Battery
    Just a Duracell Battery 6 minutos atrás

    “Hey ken, are you done fucking my wife? Can I have a turn?” I’m dead, after hearing that.

  • Michael Feddersen
    Michael Feddersen 7 minutos atrás

    Fuck 7 ashina spears

  • S1R3N
    S1R3N 7 minutos atrás

    Astronauts suit for Killer Bee Scientist: Wait, that’s illegal.

  • Miss Exorcist
    Miss Exorcist 9 minutos atrás

    wtf is wrong with society

  • Affro Senjuun
    Affro Senjuun 9 minutos atrás

    "Oh i'll eat your nose, i'll blow your bros" My dad overhearing: what?

  • Lawrence H.
    Lawrence H. 9 minutos atrás

    Who cares, they’re all adults. Developed brains, doing rational decision making.

  • Trucker Nation
    Trucker Nation 9 minutos atrás

    Love the setting.

  • E-Dubz
    E-Dubz 9 minutos atrás

    I bet they are into shit play

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 10 minutos atrás

    Join the moist movement!!!

  • MrStatistx
    MrStatistx 10 minutos atrás

    See that's wrong with early access on steam: we have a solid game and the ending is not finished, BUT it's not on early access. Meanwhile we get broken shit that's never going to be finished on there. It should rather be used for something like this.

  • Rahum Burni
    Rahum Burni 10 minutos atrás

    “She gets both of these redditors”😂

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell 11 minutos atrás

    The only thing more embarrassing than this guy is the “I stole this from reddit” watermark in the video.

  • DespacitoDaniel
    DespacitoDaniel 11 minutos atrás


  • Benedict The Corgi
    Benedict The Corgi 12 minutos atrás

    that first glimpse at all the questions is really something

  • Erik M
    Erik M 12 minutos atrás

    So since Hollywood is becoming so inclusive, idk maybe Spider-Man can finally have a relationship with madam web

  • JLsoft
    JLsoft 12 minutos atrás

    Ken gives off middle-aged Arin Hanson vibes :(

  • Bevi Vlogs
    Bevi Vlogs 12 minutos atrás

    Real life Trevor Phillips except not funny

  • BeanBoone
    BeanBoone 13 minutos atrás

    For real there is twenty odd years between my mum and dad, not as extreme but still big enough for one of my sisters to be older than my mum

  • HunterHasNoFriends
    HunterHasNoFriends 13 minutos atrás

    If I remember correctly butterfly knives and switchblades are illegal because when you whip one out you gotta be wearing a leather jacket and snapping in sync with 3 other guys

  • Corvus Dominus
    Corvus Dominus 14 minutos atrás

    What happened to the old rule of “arms length plus a meter stick”. This is like putting raw meat next to cooked meat. Thanos was half right.

  • Ba rock Obalma
    Ba rock Obalma 15 minutos atrás

    When he was her age she wasn’t even born yet

  • Daniel Antón Centeno
    Daniel Antón Centeno 15 minutos atrás

    The master cuck 🤡

  • Mercedes Vasquez
    Mercedes Vasquez 16 minutos atrás

    Where is the guy with 2 wives? Git some mormans up in this biitch 😂

  • Amber pasta
    Amber pasta 16 minutos atrás

    That anime beginning was everything to me

  • Tom Ebbs
    Tom Ebbs 16 minutos atrás

    hatred is a time machine, let me change your past - anglo

  • anna cronin
    anna cronin 18 minutos atrás

    im a fan of the bears now im not

  • Make1David
    Make1David 19 minutos atrás

    Lil Caesars took over my local Blockbuster. Fuck Lil Caesars!

  • Mercedes Vasquez
    Mercedes Vasquez 19 minutos atrás

    Wesleigh gonna be bangin an old black guy one day when Vince come home 😂

  • Linwood Tie
    Linwood Tie 20 minutos atrás

    haha the bitch refused a rape kit, he's likely innocent

  • Turtle Turtle
    Turtle Turtle 20 minutos atrás

    5:59 watching this man pray to God that this ends

  • Tom Ebbs
    Tom Ebbs 21 minuto atrás

    fuck the anglos, life is gross and has failed to be great

  • Devin Loew
    Devin Loew 21 minuto atrás

    It's the sex, NOT the money

  • Alyson Chevelle
    Alyson Chevelle 21 minuto atrás

    This is why we need bullying

  • konzolhungary
    konzolhungary 23 minutos atrás

    WD-40 could've solved this

  • Avery McGuire
    Avery McGuire 24 minutos atrás

    I'm not poly, but as far as I understand it, this isnt a polyamorous relationship. It's just a guy too cuckolded to leave his cheating wife.

  • Taylor adams
    Taylor adams 24 minutos atrás

    I never thought someone who straightens their hair would be funny lol ❤️

  • Daltanion TV
    Daltanion TV 25 minutos atrás

    3:20 sling a load😂😂😂

  • Brandon Quan
    Brandon Quan 25 minutos atrás

    I ship him with Alinity, just because they both love animal abusing in front of everyone on Twitch.

  • SkYinZo Collazo
    SkYinZo Collazo 26 minutos atrás

    Gonna be a lot of young widows with children not even 20 yet... sounds like a struggle

  • Rino 2436
    Rino 2436 27 minutos atrás

    Does it have a bottle opener

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller 28 minutos atrás

    HOLY FUCK, I live in the same town as the second to last couple at the end. They used to be our town punchline, but now fucking Charlie is doing videos on them. I am so happy right now.

  • Lil C*nt
    Lil C*nt 29 minutos atrás

    Ginger Thor

  • Rino 2436
    Rino 2436 29 minutos atrás

    Can it connect to my juicero Stolen idea

  • SkYinZo Collazo
    SkYinZo Collazo 30 minutos atrás

    My great grandfather is 80 years old, dude here had a child at 65+?? I feel bad for the child, dads not gonna be there very long

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith 30 minutos atrás

    Polyamorous “relationships” are so pathetic 😂😂😂 what a bunch of sad ducks

  • pedro s
    pedro s 31 minuto atrás

    Okay cool Reddit's gay but why the fuck did this man need to Google how to get rid of two spiders in his car

  • crush
    crush 31 minuto atrás

    let her feel all the dust i fuvking love u charles

  • GoldenJam_ 01
    GoldenJam_ 01 31 minuto atrás

    Whatever makes you happy I guess

  • SkYinZo Collazo
    SkYinZo Collazo 31 minuto atrás

    Son: Mom where is dad??... Mom: Dad passed away from a stroke while trying for a second. Son: how? Mom: Dad was 70 years old when you were born.

  • Toby Huang
    Toby Huang 32 minutos atrás

    1:28 True🤣🤣🤣

  • L G
    L G 32 minutos atrás


  • Satoshi9801
    Satoshi9801 32 minutos atrás

    Never before have I wanted the MeToo Movement to end a man's "career" so much.

  • asianemodude
    asianemodude 33 minutos atrás

    "Hard to believe that she's already eighteen." -Glenn Quagmire

  • Cougar Karns
    Cougar Karns 33 minutos atrás

    All of these relationships are outta Pocket burned out.

  • roopiin 91
    roopiin 91 34 minutos atrás

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • SkYinZo Collazo
    SkYinZo Collazo 34 minutos atrás

    Dude 69 pulling girls, meanwhile homie here is binge watching The Office with the dog 🐶

  • George
    George 35 minutos atrás

    Damn, Tom Crutchfield is killing it

  • brendan mount
    brendan mount 35 minutos atrás

    i mean if everybody involved is aware of the decisions they are making then who are we to judge their decisions?

  • le Doc
    le Doc 35 minutos atrás

    My two favorite jokes are from prof membrane with him taking off his glove and revealing his robot arm and him zooming past to an audience member and pointing at them screaming it's scientifically impossible for him to be more excited than membrane himself.

  • phillip gianto
    phillip gianto 35 minutos atrás


  • Dakoda Mitchell
    Dakoda Mitchell 35 minutos atrás

    I don't remember anyone hating on video games growing up. But that's me

  • Garry
    Garry 35 minutos atrás

    woah not cool 18k likes 180 dislikes

  • jaxon smith
    jaxon smith 35 minutos atrás

    Love him or hate he’s a stupid bitch Abviuosly brian is

  • Empire Ants
    Empire Ants 35 minutos atrás

    Only use me blade is a groper

  • Orange Man Bad NPC
    Orange Man Bad NPC 35 minutos atrás

    Da Bears

  • Green Goblin from cory in the house

    I used to love this show as a kid cause everyone in my friend circle did.

  • Filthy Bum
    Filthy Bum 37 minutos atrás

    EA Sports, it’s in your wallet

  • nineteen96
    nineteen96 37 minutos atrás

    Bro... 😐

  • Jack Hinks
    Jack Hinks 37 minutos atrás

    "They look like hot dog buns for chodes"

  • Sebastian Metts
    Sebastian Metts 37 minutos atrás

    "Let her feel all the dust"

  • Kawaii the Band
    Kawaii the Band 38 minutos atrás

    Fall aslurbkekekrntlekejrn

  • BurningSh0t
    BurningSh0t 40 minutos atrás

    Charlie play some Nier;Automata

  • Patrick
    Patrick 40 minutos atrás

    The first vid was hot

  • Games guy
    Games guy 40 minutos atrás

    lul Cx TTD

  • Cade Wiley
    Cade Wiley 41 minuto atrás

    What a punchable face.

  • SkYinZo Collazo
    SkYinZo Collazo 41 minuto atrás

    Holy crap it’s like three generations up in that family. It’s like uncle decided to hit on his sisters daughter and they had a kid

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 41 minuto atrás

    If you're not getting cucked by your wife in 2019 then you're not truly a man. Trust me guys, it's great!

  • Redwingz Ftw
    Redwingz Ftw 41 minuto atrás

    “Blowing the age gap out of the water” Ya just like the gap between her teeth.

  • meghjis.2025 meghjis
    meghjis.2025 meghjis 42 minutos atrás

    Now this an avengers level threat

  • Tehzn
    Tehzn 42 minutos atrás

    Yasha’s durability and papa’s slap would definitely beat vicily

  • mrshmuga9
    mrshmuga9 42 minutos atrás

    Ken is just like, “My wife cheated on me and but I also don’t want to go through a divorce”.

  • Robert Booth
    Robert Booth 43 minutos atrás

    On our left, you will see the wild Karen tribe.

  • Gooney Tunez
    Gooney Tunez 43 minutos atrás

    $100 that cuckhold didnt last longer than a week from the day that vid dropped

  • sammelons
    sammelons 44 minutos atrás

    I’m sorry but I’m a Garfield stan

  • Minor Pear
    Minor Pear 45 minutos atrás

    *Emilia body pillow*

  • wolfie da brony
    wolfie da brony 45 minutos atrás

    He looks like an inbred skinhead reject!

  • whittery27
    whittery27 45 minutos atrás

    holy shit. gross.

  • AirStuck
    AirStuck 46 minutos atrás

    Gravity is a hoax.. Photo of a black hole released this year.. hmmmmmm yea sure buddy