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Tyler Perry Presents: The Oval
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You'll Fall In Love With These Sistas!
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Top 10 Post-Viral Stories | I Went Viral Stories
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  • charlita25
    charlita25 Minuto atrás

    She actually has a nice 👍🏾 singing voice

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez 2 minutos atrás

    man this brought memories

  • Robert Watson
    Robert Watson 2 minutos atrás

    Ybn was on some trey songs for a sec

  • Jesus Cano
    Jesus Cano 3 minutos atrás

    This sit hip hop music was missing

  • XxShrimpkingxX Xxx
    XxShrimpkingxX Xxx 4 minutos atrás

    Heh,funny...because back then if you were guilty of doing somthing they would litterly grab these huge rocks and throw them at you until you die,and thats somthing that jesus would agree on,but he died for our sins so that it wouldnt be our fate.If that wouldve still been i think this men wouldve thought twice before molesting children. Im sorry people have to hear this,bastards like him reuin churches,whitch is the reason its harder for people to build a relationship with jesus,and thats satans work.

  • JacksonAction85
    JacksonAction85 4 minutos atrás

    “So tell T.I My Trap Museum Ain’t Have No Kodak’s(Kodak Black) in it” 😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury 4 minutos atrás

    Man these niggas don’t live the projects no more lil baby hasn’t in a min fucc he cappin for😂😂😂

  • The Nappy Unicorn
    The Nappy Unicorn 5 minutos atrás

    Sis was trash and why tf she took off her wig 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Rachel Abrams
    Rachel Abrams 6 minutos atrás

    ❤️sooo Down to earth!

  • Bailey Jones
    Bailey Jones 7 minutos atrás

    Yessss will be watching!

  • NuSean 2017
    NuSean 2017 7 minutos atrás

    Waste of air time. Who do they think we are. They dumbing down our Culture. Damn. It's an election years Right..

  • Carl Sanders
    Carl Sanders 8 minutos atrás

    I’m that one comment everyone was thinking 👇🏾

  • The Mixing Pot
    The Mixing Pot 8 minutos atrás

    King Los and iman killed it

  • D.
    D. 8 minutos atrás

    watching this makes me feel soo powerful. i'm so inspired and proud in this moment. i pray one day i can contribute to the world like this. (and hopefully work for tyler one day soon!)

    KACE GOTEM 9 minutos atrás

    Cartman from South Park went off🔥🔥🔥

  • Anju smith
    Anju smith 13 minutos atrás

    Such a blessing

  • Kym-Bella Coleman
    Kym-Bella Coleman 14 minutos atrás


  • MirrorMommy
    MirrorMommy 14 minutos atrás


  • gurl bye!
    gurl bye! 14 minutos atrás

    That gat dang Fudge pop from TiTi Do you live me😂😂😂 Vaughn!

  • Sept 7 Ange
    Sept 7 Ange 14 minutos atrás

    free.he speaks logic

  • Tamika Tate
    Tamika Tate 15 minutos atrás

    That hype man is blowing me

  • Kashun Whitworth
    Kashun Whitworth 15 minutos atrás

    Shotgun NEVER wins a battle

  • Tim Swinson
    Tim Swinson 15 minutos atrás

    Get it classmate

  • I stay getting hoed
    I stay getting hoed 15 minutos atrás

    The crowd of rappers and singers they slow 90% of the bars from all rounds went over their heads

  • Matt Coleman
    Matt Coleman 16 minutos atrás

    garbage suge

  • Petty Labelle
    Petty Labelle 16 minutos atrás

    I love missy's outfit 😣😍😍

  • GenericName
    GenericName 17 minutos atrás

    piss poor opening to the performance. Dude had no energy. So obvious lil baby is all over the drugs so nervous from all those drugs, kinda disgusting to see because if he had a tiny inkling of self control he would've had a much better performance.

  • Cesar Martinez
    Cesar Martinez 18 minutos atrás

    Signing a deal is basically selling your soul 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • mommadw2010
    mommadw2010 20 minutos atrás

    I am totally,exited and proud of him taking all the negative and building strength to show the world it can be done. do not let those with nothing tell you, you can't. He does not need validation. I am forever proud of you.

  • jaefraz
    jaefraz 20 minutos atrás

    the crowd ain't ready for real rap battles yet

  • Cybile Bénédict
    Cybile Bénédict 22 minutos atrás

    Yasss 👑

  • Capricorn Queen ♕
    Capricorn Queen ♕ 24 minutos atrás

    Tyler taking over dropping 2 more new shows wow when do he find time to write all these shows. He also have a show called the Oval coming out

  • BronzedTing
    BronzedTing 24 minutos atrás

    I love this and her ❤️ and her voice

  • Elias Shadow
    Elias Shadow 24 minutos atrás

    A gentleman never gets drunk in a bar.

  • Tamika Tate
    Tamika Tate 25 minutos atrás

    Rick ross make me feel rich lol

  • Bah Razrider
    Bah Razrider 26 minutos atrás


  • America's Ni6htmare
    America's Ni6htmare 27 minutos atrás

    Lil Kim should have stayed black 😂

  • MirrorMommy
    MirrorMommy 27 minutos atrás

    QUEEN B 👑 👑

  • Elias Shadow
    Elias Shadow 27 minutos atrás

    This guys messure the right amount just like i do when i roll my blunts so i wont run out quick

  • Shannon Davis
    Shannon Davis 29 minutos atrás


  • Bark Amber
    Bark Amber 29 minutos atrás

    So much plastic all over her body and face she can barely move she looks scary like a monster

  • Olivia Robles
    Olivia Robles 31 minuto atrás

    No no no

  • Black Mel
    Black Mel 32 minutos atrás

    When 1:47 hit thats when u realize auto tune needed t-pain he aint never needed auto tune he sung that intro like his life depended on it

  • Dexi Dadzie
    Dexi Dadzie 32 minutos atrás

    when she hit that airplane move around 0:55 i knew she had to go.....this wasn’t it for her

  • DivineQueenk
    DivineQueenk 33 minutos atrás

    King los reminds me of Kendrick

  • iKe BurNa
    iKe BurNa 33 minutos atrás

    Geechi Gotti won hands down.

  • fire hire
    fire hire 34 minutos atrás

    If Michael Jackson Kim dont get back in the coffin. I definitely dont want my child seeing this chucky doll...ewwwww just gross cat lady looking azz

  • Selina Palomo
    Selina Palomo 35 minutos atrás

    Sunday poppin

  • Eric Patterson
    Eric Patterson 35 minutos atrás

    That was wack performance she can't sing or rap it's just like a regular person up there only thing is is she's in lingerie and she sucked cock to get up on the stage

    LANDONS POV 36 minutos atrás


  • Ari_ Ariel
    Ari_ Ariel 36 minutos atrás

    She sooooo fine 🥰🥰

  • Elena Dela fuente
    Elena Dela fuente 37 minutos atrás

    So p pretty 😍😍

  • TEE- Alldawayliiive ENT
    TEE- Alldawayliiive ENT 37 minutos atrás

    Niiiiice real niiiiice 💯all did they thang🤔,Iman was 🔥

  • Paris Hines
    Paris Hines 42 minutos atrás

    To much editing

  • latty green
    latty green 44 minutos atrás

    congrats queen💯👊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🔥

  • Clara Gray
    Clara Gray 44 minutos atrás

    Poor kim can barely move😔

  • Josimar Taylor
    Josimar Taylor 44 minutos atrás

    🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥

  • SouthPhilly Spud
    SouthPhilly Spud 44 minutos atrás

    For 25K I would've killed him 4Real 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • dennis tedford
    dennis tedford 46 minutos atrás

    Love her

  • Taneka Wilson
    Taneka Wilson 47 minutos atrás

    💕still watching this mini concert by Queen Mary 💞 my sis from a distance

  • Monae R.
    Monae R. 47 minutos atrás

    Her legs look horrible, like they aren't used to moving.

  • Saymon Palma
    Saymon Palma 47 minutos atrás

    Queen of the rap

  • Harry Strong
    Harry Strong 49 minutos atrás

    What did we witness? Can’t lie the man have hits!! But homie need to chill out with using The honorable Larry Hoover name in a negative way!!!

  • truetomyself09
    truetomyself09 50 minutos atrás

    Offset too turn

  • samilton87
    samilton87 50 minutos atrás

    I would have actually the award to see this. I can’t believe they put this group together. Damn

  • T Ghee
    T Ghee 51 minuto atrás

    Loooooove them!! ,I wish they wouldn't have lip synced it though.

  • Kendrick Jennings
    Kendrick Jennings 52 minutos atrás

    Sipping on a Sunday ayeee

  • Pye Babyy
    Pye Babyy 52 minutos atrás

    She so pretty

  • Marvin's Reviews ETC.
    Marvin's Reviews ETC. 55 minutos atrás

    Ross a beast, a LEGEND forever

  • Bryce Hicks
    Bryce Hicks 56 minutos atrás

    Rapping over back tracks... Cmon

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 57 minutos atrás

    More negro bed wench fantasies. I'm waiting on the president to be a black man and his wife be a white woman show, or just a black man and white woman dating show, it will never happen. And to be honest I wouldn't want to see that either. Black women love white men, I won't be surprised if this show gets high ratings.

  • Beautiful One
    Beautiful One 57 minutos atrás

    🤣🤣🤣he is a chicken wing

  • Lynn Morris
    Lynn Morris 57 minutos atrás

    🐝 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🙏🏿👑

  • Stephanie Kirsh
    Stephanie Kirsh 58 minutos atrás

    Congratulations Lil Kim. You deserve it & I love you .

  • faded Zave
    faded Zave Hora atrás

    She is so beautiful omg 😍

  • Jeston White
    Jeston White Hora atrás

    Wait yung berg’s producer name is hitmaka?

  • Jhonnetta Peavy
    Jhonnetta Peavy Hora atrás


  • Rachel Abrams
    Rachel Abrams Hora atrás

    I just love her! This performance was wonderful.

    TYCHE Hora atrás

    I heard idk still rapping

  • Sartorially Black
    Sartorially Black Hora atrás

    It’s almost 2020, black people CAN’T still be about 14% of the US population...that is a white induced, black population control mechanism to make it look like there isn’t more of US in the US than they want us to believe. How is that we have big spending power, are EVERYWHERE in the entertainment industry/magazines for the most part, and our culture is dominant, BUT we’re only 14%. Nawwww....

  • Jaclyn Scott
    Jaclyn Scott Hora atrás

    Wait....was Stevie J and Joseline sitting next to each other?!?!

  • Chiann Hitower
    Chiann Hitower Hora atrás

    Lil Duvall😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • YoungRawTalent
    YoungRawTalent Hora atrás

    For everyone saying the crowd was weak they turn the crowd down so that we can hear the performer on our end

  • Luchex Lee
    Luchex Lee Hora atrás

    okay guys game over I'm from Nigeria, n I say sark is d best in Africa, Bros dis guy pass our MI n even nasty c

  • MirrorMommy
    MirrorMommy Hora atrás

    This kinda made me uncomfortable 😣

  • KevWebsz
    KevWebsz Hora atrás

    Waiting on that Freaknik 2

  • Yung Zoë Zilluh
    Yung Zoë Zilluh Hora atrás

    She had it rockin

  • Rochell Barbara
    Rochell Barbara Hora atrás

    I wish her and Nicki and Kim weren’t beefing 😔 they would look amazing together

  • LEO 1984
    LEO 1984 Hora atrás

    He gotta do another one

  • Ant Chi
    Ant Chi Hora atrás

    Y’all complaining about the audience, maybe the performance just sucked🤷🏾‍♂️lol but fr I think they lower the volume. But the performance wasn’t nothin jaw dropping like most hip hop concerts

  • V&K The king the god

    I’ve heard all the tributes and I think this one may be the best, so far!!! Continue to rest peacefully 👑of soul❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Slick Black
    Slick Black Hora atrás

    How old is he

  • Ant Chi
    Ant Chi Hora atrás

    They should have gotten rappers who are showmen cause that’s all people are used to in that crowd. DNA did right by gassin them up. I feel like conceited (even tho he not really battling like that anymore)would have been great for this.

    TIMMY OTTO Hora atrás

    This is the brain child of @Corey Holcomb #5150

  • Rachel Abrams
    Rachel Abrams Hora atrás

    Love the vibe of this song! Reminds me of some Outcast ft. Sleepy brown or Ceelo type ish from back in the day. ❤️

  • Ansøn Wang
    Ansøn Wang Hora atrás

    One of my favorite songs from KOD

  • Olga Reyes
    Olga Reyes Hora atrás

    Classic beauties and trend setters!!! As I sit here singing my heart out, lol!! Music is not like it was, we need some more classics!!!

  • MirrorMommy
    MirrorMommy Hora atrás

    Yes 💔🖤

  • Abdul Larry
    Abdul Larry Hora atrás

    DNA got him hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • BK Ray
    BK Ray Hora atrás

    Uh....I think it's time to drop the Lil.