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Big East Top 5 Scorers | FOX COLLEGE HOOPS
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XFL on FOX | Premieres February 8, 2020
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  • Hip 2 Da Game
    Hip 2 Da Game 7 horas atrás


  • Patrick Fie
    Patrick Fie 7 horas atrás

    Chiefs all day. Pat Mahomes 🐐🐐🐐

  • chito Im
    chito Im 7 horas atrás

    NBA change the logo #mamba

  • Thomas Kühn
    Thomas Kühn 7 horas atrás

    These dogs are so ugly...

  • Barry McCockener
    Barry McCockener 7 horas atrás

    Him and Mjs bday are exactly 6 months apart no not to the year

  • Joseph Smallwood
    Joseph Smallwood 8 horas atrás

    These could all be strangers and no one would ever know it other than a few people

  • Ranch Obrien
    Ranch Obrien 8 horas atrás

    Emmanuel Sanders funny you thought your wife was lying imagine what he thinks when he's on the road

  • josef rootgum
    josef rootgum 8 horas atrás

    Jordan is my Superman. Kobe is my Batman. These two are the World's Finest. RIP Mamba.

  • Ti Nation
    Ti Nation 8 horas atrás


  • Julio Vasquez
    Julio Vasquez 8 horas atrás

    Man nothing better than a legend asking you questions about football and actually understanding the struggle not just the results . lets go niners 6x?

  • You are Dookie
    You are Dookie 8 horas atrás

    Jesus Emmanuel what were you smoking

  • Inmo4et
    Inmo4et 8 horas atrás

    Hey 49ers - you got this!!!!

  • rastaewabeach
    rastaewabeach 9 horas atrás

    I really hope Richard gets another ring and his revenge on Seattle. The man is a true committed leader.

  • Kyron Dunham
    Kyron Dunham 9 horas atrás

    Love Richard ,George ,Jimmy ,and Nick ❤❤❤great team

  • Omar
    Omar 9 horas atrás

    2:39 Kyle shannon with a chair lol

  • Hot Pocket
    Hot Pocket 9 horas atrás

    Two generic splashy teams that make for an uninteresting SB this year. Not feeling it, sorry. 🤒

  • Jason PDSI
    Jason PDSI 9 horas atrás

    0:59 Kyle basically saying "Hey, can we stop talking about 28-3" for about the 327th time since the NFC Championship game

  • dude obrien
    dude obrien 10 horas atrás

    Go Niners!!!

  • pixsie doll
    pixsie doll 10 horas atrás

    Jimmy's smile is so contagious ❤️❤️❤️

  • okech fredrick
    okech fredrick 10 horas atrás

    Mahommes the man looking dope Let's go baby, let's go chiefs Regards from east Africa,uganda

  • Anthony Xyz
    Anthony Xyz 10 horas atrás

    Bosa is a doucher deluxe

  • okech fredrick
    okech fredrick 10 horas atrás

    Let's go chiefs This is history Its like the Chicago bulls going for the finals Let's go chiefs Mahommes the man Regards from east Africa,uganda

  • bob494949
    bob494949 10 horas atrás

    Raheem seems like a very cool person.

  • Allen Ross
    Allen Ross 10 horas atrás

    Love Richard Sherman he's my guy for real and that's coming from a Broncos fan

  • Kevian Price
    Kevian Price 10 horas atrás

    Emmanuel Sanders High Af🤣

  • Chicken Tendies Lover
    Chicken Tendies Lover 10 horas atrás

    Raheem mostert has the most wholesome smile

  • C Lasala
    C Lasala 10 horas atrás

    Looks like kittle most likely make a guest appearance in the wwe now after the super him up hhh!

  • Gerard Cayo
    Gerard Cayo 10 horas atrás

    I don't know about the overtime shootout... everything else seems like something the NFL would adopt when they merge with the XFL in 2030. Definitely has my attention. Anything to humble the NFL into submission of the fans that pay their salaries. Maybe the XFL can future-proof salaries to keep ticket prices reasonable... $600 for 3 people to attend 1 game, which may result in a loss, is unreasonably excessive. If you spent $600 on an appliance that was defective or didn't work. That's what it's like watching the Seahawks lose at home...

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 10 horas atrás

    Nice sentiment, but using a tragic event to win a game ?? Bit trivial considering multiple families have just been torn apart.

  • Peyton Patenaude
    Peyton Patenaude 10 horas atrás

    George Kittle sounds like a hockey player

  • Anthony p
    Anthony p 11 horas atrás

    More Niner fans there 😂😂 getting that W Niner gang😈😈

  • #kane poe
    #kane poe 11 horas atrás

    I'm telling y'all, they (49ers players) be reading the BR-plus comments.

  • LunatiK At Le Mans 24H
    LunatiK At Le Mans 24H 11 horas atrás


  • Kevin  DeLuna
    Kevin DeLuna 11 horas atrás

    Play for Kobe!

  • Alfredo Alcantar
    Alfredo Alcantar 11 horas atrás

    Is 24 bolt for Kobe

  • Alfredo Alcantar
    Alfredo Alcantar 11 horas atrás

    So classy in the super bowl

  • ccg1171
    ccg1171 11 horas atrás

    Come on 9ers do it for Kobe.

  • TraFra 37
    TraFra 37 11 horas atrás

    Chiefs. Period.

  • ccg1171
    ccg1171 11 horas atrás

    Come on 9ers don't let us down #☝️

  • Tio Paulo
    Tio Paulo 11 horas atrás

    Go NINERS, from Brasil since 1970!!

  • Perezident Tv
    Perezident Tv 11 horas atrás

    49ers crowed louder during the entrance and announce the of the QB’s during the captain interview 😳😳😳

  • Primo Cruz
    Primo Cruz 11 horas atrás

    rest in paradise😇😇 mamba and baby mamba😥😥😥

    49ERS EMPIRE 11 horas atrás

    Win it for California Sherman

  • Brandon Arambula
    Brandon Arambula 11 horas atrás

    Sanders is gone

  • Brian G
    Brian G 12 horas atrás

    GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Lightskin
    Mr. Lightskin 12 horas atrás

    Let's go Niners, Let's win it for Kobe🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Ablaze Marlin
    Ablaze Marlin 12 horas atrás

    Why just why legend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😦🇺🇸

  • Dan b
    Dan b 12 horas atrás

    Go Chiefs!!!

  • Jopatrick..
    Jopatrick.. 12 horas atrás

    KOBE! This super bowl is for you! #MAMBA

  • juandiegog
    juandiegog 12 horas atrás

    Still in shock 💔😔

  • Gerald Wilkison
    Gerald Wilkison 12 horas atrás

    :40 seconds in straight faded

  • David Jackson Jr.
    David Jackson Jr. 12 horas atrás

    Lol Richard Sherman Is Too Much 😅😅😅😅😅😅 Let's Bring That 6th Trophy Back To Levi's Beat The Chiefs NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Chacon
    Larry Chacon 12 horas atrás

    I just like how both teams are just vibin😂

  • Domagoj Beno
    Domagoj Beno 12 horas atrás

    Mi Daughter hates her Meds so I got told by my missis mix it with hunny so I did and she had her Meds!! I am pumped about that now I got to go to hospital to see my missis and 2 month old son he is ill but getting better by a minute!! GO NINERS!!

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth 12 horas atrás


    49ERS EMPIRE 12 horas atrás

    4 9 E R S ! 🔥 🏈 ⛏ 💍 🏆

  • Jarrod Peterson
    Jarrod Peterson 12 horas atrás

    Emmanuel Sanders high asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Branden K
    Branden K 12 horas atrás

    Everyone is filming vertically...🤬

    • Andrew
      Andrew 12 horas atrás

      because people are going to watch on their insta stories or whatever on their phones and no one wants to turn your phone sideways

  • Moses Herrera
    Moses Herrera 12 horas atrás

    Long live Kobe and Gianna 🙏

  • Lori
    Lori 12 horas atrás

    Awesome tribute. Go Niners.

  • Ray Jr
    Ray Jr 12 horas atrás

    This is So EPIC let's go Niners..

  • thaSwerve
    thaSwerve 12 horas atrás

    With Music and Entrances, This is like the Olympics Opening Ceremony, the vibes are off the chart ... Edit.. Then she says the same exact thing right as I hit post.. smh. I guess atmosphere must be rockin

  • Phouq You
    Phouq You 13 horas atrás

    Sf hates LA. Dont forget that

    • Phouq You
      Phouq You 11 horas atrás

      @ron fili Did you take your PTSD pills yet?

  • obama is a Russian Puppet FeelTheBern

    Bye Felicia.

  • Greenfield121
    Greenfield121 13 horas atrás

    Ain't the same without the Patriots. I'm not watching

  • David de Vera
    David de Vera 13 horas atrás

    49ers look like they are having more fun than the chiefs lol

    • KCKing32
      KCKing32 9 horas atrás

      @Slade 🤷🏾‍♂️ to each his own. #chiefskingdom

    • Slade
      Slade 12 horas atrás

      Or for one team the moment is too big cause this is supposed to be their coronation. And the other is loose and taking it all in.

    • KCKing32
      KCKing32 12 horas atrás

      One team is there to play, one team is there for blood.....😈😈😈😈

    • Phillip Ozia
      Phillip Ozia 13 horas atrás

      Exactly 😂

    • Lewis James
      Lewis James 13 horas atrás

      Thats a mistake

  • fred jay
    fred jay 13 horas atrás

    it sucks that this event is being overshadowed by sucha horrible tragedy as the death of the GOAT, Kobe B Bryant.

    • doggy dogaroo
      doggy dogaroo 10 horas atrás

      Fr. It's terrible what happened and I've been crying hard over it but life has to go on and we gotta stay positive in a terrible time like this.

  • Melvin Stewart
    Melvin Stewart 13 horas atrás


  • okech fredrick
    okech fredrick 13 horas atrás

    America we stand together in mourning Kobe Bryant's passing on With love from east Africa,uganda

  • Nai  Lee
    Nai Lee 13 horas atrás

    We are a fighter I love San Francisco football when Steve Young Joe Montana still in today go 49ers 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈we are the Champions 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Kiyoshi Johnson
    Kiyoshi Johnson 13 horas atrás

    49ers hardly beat us, same thing I said about the Titans we have more time to put that work in and get the W even if we do loose I'm proud of the cheifs because everyone doubted my prediction that we were gonna make Superbowl especially bronco fans telling me we were trash the cheifs is proving everyone wrong rn

  • dan ram
    dan ram 13 horas atrás

    AFC WEAK!!! NFC way harder!! Niners going to show you smash mouth football KIDS!!!

  • okech fredrick
    okech fredrick 13 horas atrás

    I place mi bet on the Kansas chiefs to win super boul,regards from east Africa,uganda

    • okech fredrick
      okech fredrick 10 horas atrás

      I'm a die hard fan of the chiefs brother Regards from east Africa,uganda

    • Tackleqb
      Tackleqb 11 horas atrás

      You just tossed your money away then. You watch much football?

    • yolo_swaggins
      yolo_swaggins 12 horas atrás

      @Bailey M nah m8

    • Bailey M
      Bailey M 13 horas atrás

      You lose your money man. Take the points and Niners.

  • RW3ints
    RW3ints 13 horas atrás

    Nick Bosa is a straight cis white trump supporting republican. 49ers must disown him and trade him to SEA.

  • SkamcityTay
    SkamcityTay 13 horas atrás

    Earl Sanders high as a kite

  • D Fro
    D Fro 13 horas atrás

    My dude Sanders faded asl 😂 0:35

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 13 horas atrás

    Mostert hasnt been given a chance before Kyle took him in. Hasnt had the spotlight. Heck, not even analysts knew his name. Now look at him. Look at how happy he was that a kid did something for him. What an amazing story he is.

  • Placebo Gaming
    Placebo Gaming 13 horas atrás

    Amazing to see Kelce and Kittle in the same area wow. The best TEs in football right now. Also go 9ers

  • Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes

    It’s just like Nintendogs

  • Donald Allen
    Donald Allen 13 horas atrás


  • A men
    A men 13 horas atrás

    Wth it's like The Hunger Games

  • Tom Ross TV
    Tom Ross TV 13 horas atrás

    The media was just saying Kobe wasnt in the top 10 two weeks ago!! Literally. Kobe Bryant went from the media saying he wasn’t even a top ten all time player to stopping the whole world and having the people plead his case drowning out the clueless media..

  • Jasmine Sualevai
    Jasmine Sualevai 13 horas atrás

    Real talk by Deforst Buckner, he said that to my son at football camp here in Hawaii. You have to sacrifice to get where you want to be. If you want to be the best you have to sacrifice all the fun things you do, video games and playing on phones. Go Niners

  • Jeremiah Aguiar
    Jeremiah Aguiar 14 horas atrás


  • Wyatt Earb
    Wyatt Earb 14 horas atrás

    I wanna see Richard Sherman lose another Superbowl ....

  • Damian M
    Damian M 14 horas atrás

    Kyle looks fresh and well rested in awhile.

  • Playtime with Ayden
    Playtime with Ayden 14 horas atrás

    The moment will never be to big for this kid. It's like playing backyard football. I have a feeling we are all going to witness something amazing.

  • Jhyacee Cortez
    Jhyacee Cortez 14 horas atrás

    Where is guillermo? I wanna see it

  • Toby Gibbs
    Toby Gibbs 14 horas atrás

    Raheem Mostert bit idk who wil win the super bowl

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man 14 horas atrás

    play like champions and do this for Kobe and his daughter and everyone that we lost. let's go 999999999999ers all gas no brakes

  • debs99772
    debs99772 14 horas atrás

    I love how everyone is coming out with their phones. Pretty sweet!

    JR MEADOWS 14 horas atrás


    • WTFBRO10
      WTFBRO10 13 horas atrás


  • Niroj Gurung
    Niroj Gurung 14 horas atrás

    Good luck homie San Francisco 🙏🤟

  • debs99772
    debs99772 14 horas atrás

    Okay I'm watching this video again, sorry for all the comments lol but I just realized who that was with the kid that was Trent Dilfer lmao!

  • Mohsin Khan
    Mohsin Khan 14 horas atrás

    *E Sanders look like he Smoked the Super Bowl* 😆

  • ScubaaSteve818
    ScubaaSteve818 14 horas atrás

    My boy Sanders high ASF lmao

  • Gavin Beard
    Gavin Beard 14 horas atrás

    As a rival I hate the 49rs but I still can’t be mad if they win bc I love Sherman and all these players are genuinely great guys!

  • Is This Rain?
    Is This Rain? 14 horas atrás

    Just another business trip for these guys. Great team mindset. Let's get the sixth ❤💛

  • Ya Know
    Ya Know 14 horas atrás

    Half of them seem like they're high on something. No joke.

    • Giacomo Esposito
      Giacomo Esposito 13 horas atrás

      @Dutch3k5 - I don't know.. Not everyone needs drugs just to enjoy themselves... I'm not saying you're wrong, because I don't know the dude personally. But just because he has a goofy personality, doesn't mean that he's definitely on drugs. This is a very young team. Most of these guys are still in their early 20's, and are in the midst of fulfilling their childhood dreams as we speak.. What reason do they have NOT to be having fun right now?

    • Kevin Anderson
      Kevin Anderson 13 horas atrás

      Probably high on life bro

    • Dutch3k5
      Dutch3k5 13 horas atrás

      Kittle for sure dabbles with the opposite of Pepsi

  • Golden State Resistance
    Golden State Resistance 14 horas atrás

    Y'all notice every one has white jackets but Sherms is cream lol