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Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 Preview
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  • Jack H
    Jack H 4 horas atrás

    This would’ve worked last year, not as much anymore

  • Santacruz Hippysurfer
    Santacruz Hippysurfer 4 horas atrás

    Let Colin kaepernick play ~ 🐴

  • Keefey Tho
    Keefey Tho 4 horas atrás

    Stay aggressive ... but please stop shoooting the ball. Please Russell.

  • John Truth
    John Truth 4 horas atrás

    Happy B day bro. May God bless you with good health and good success.

  • Osas
    Osas 4 horas atrás

    Molly could never

  • Joshua Ungon
    Joshua Ungon 4 horas atrás

    How about bucks vs clippers what happen

  • Ali Muhammad
    Ali Muhammad 4 horas atrás

    Eli and Dak??? SAS... 2 > 0

  • Dahntae Deluna
    Dahntae Deluna 4 horas atrás

    Kawhi is Batman

  • Julian Villanueva
    Julian Villanueva 4 horas atrás

    Theirs alot fighters besides canelo and GGG, like Andrade, bj Saunders, callum Smith and David benavidez! Charlo is just a cry baby!

  • Stephen Kravitz
    Stephen Kravitz 4 horas atrás

    Because the team does not run the ball Wentz is good it's a team sport Stephen A is right all day

  • Colin Leddy
    Colin Leddy 4 horas atrás

    "Everybody's friends and they take it light on each other..." Bruh ain't nobody take it light on each other, get outta your head PP.

  • imong mama
    imong mama 4 horas atrás

    I honestly think there are clones of stephen a out there espn using him so much almost physically impossible to have only one of him

  • Rico Galaviz
    Rico Galaviz 4 horas atrás

    Yup Joshua prepared for the Boston Marathon. He never intended to fight his UK followers have nothing to say about Mayweather. 🤣😭

  • Ali Muhammad
    Ali Muhammad 4 horas atrás

    Hes top 10 in yards and TDs... 2 chips, 2 dips... FIRST BALLOT! HOF’r!!!

  • Lucine Jeannot
    Lucine Jeannot 4 horas atrás

    Yesssirrr My white guy got DAT!!!

  • Melvin King
    Melvin King 4 horas atrás

    Good job max

  • Andre
    Andre 4 horas atrás

    I love perk more everyday as an analyst

  • James Allen jr.
    James Allen jr. 4 horas atrás

    The Reality of LeBron and Anthony Davis actually IS Real... right now, here today. And these brotha's are D'in Up on another level... Every Night! Melo is the weakest link on any defense... right?

  • duce Kong
    duce Kong 4 horas atrás

    🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  • imright uwrong
    imright uwrong 4 horas atrás

    Why do they go at ppl that play with lebron James

  • Wat
    Wat 4 horas atrás

    Obviously max hasn’t seen him play. The man is SIMPLY unstoppable, there is no way to guard him. He’s got counter moves for counter moves. Not to mention you can’t touch him or else he’s going to the line. And obviously kd was the better scorer when they played on OKC, but that was 7 years ago and the harden back then definitely is not the same as the harden right now. You can not ignore the facts that he is averaging 39+ ppg.

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer 4 horas atrás


  • Witch King of Angmar
    Witch King of Angmar 4 horas atrás

    Marcus Spears looked like he wanted to kill somebody

  • Duke Strikcani
    Duke Strikcani 4 horas atrás

    it is simple what is going on he is in really bad shape and is genuinely fat he needs to take dieting and training much more serious.

  • afromp
    afromp 4 horas atrás

    maybe if they didnt play like a college team, their coach wouldnt coach them like that

  • Michael Buck
    Michael Buck 4 horas atrás

    COME ON MAN... Can't say nothing anymore with pissing sum black people off even if is the truth.. Not racism if you speaking the truth. Social media is destroying the world..

  • Asian King
    Asian King 4 horas atrás

    Anyone here after Joshua ran from Ruiz for 12 rounds?

  • Ali Muhammad
    Ali Muhammad 4 horas atrás

    CORRECTION! He’s a 2x Superbowl MVP. Eli Manning is a FIRST BALLOT! HOF’r!!!!!!

  • Larry McMillan Jr.
    Larry McMillan Jr. 4 horas atrás

    The media is addicted to controversy.

  • Egoizztic Egoizztic
    Egoizztic Egoizztic 4 horas atrás

    But wait what "arguably" means, what "actually" means, what is the meaning of "truth", tell me because you the truth ... You so DEEP truth, a true philosopher

  • a v
    a v 4 horas atrás

    None of these dudes are fighters lol they play ball for a living not fight

  • that baller kobe
    that baller kobe 4 horas atrás

    He's the perfect number 2, if you expect him to be a number 1 that's on you, not him

  • Master Ferguson
    Master Ferguson 4 horas atrás

    lets argue about race

  • Howard Kim
    Howard Kim 4 horas atrás

    Terrible show

  • WhyBigJordan
    WhyBigJordan 4 horas atrás

    He’s not a fighter? You know him?

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread 4 horas atrás

    He literally just had 30 against the Celtics

  • Domenic Lavigna
    Domenic Lavigna 4 horas atrás

    Embiid and jokic both are dealing with this . Two of the best big men look like bums

  • Tyler Yo mommas fling
    Tyler Yo mommas fling 4 horas atrás

    This is awesome. Rex is a good dude.

  • Tonja Bowman
    Tonja Bowman 4 horas atrás

    So what he was new he was thrown in the game as a rocky Hardball showed dedication to his new quarterback Flaco was long gone and you dont like Lamar stop being fony

  • Elizabeth Fulks
    Elizabeth Fulks 4 horas atrás

    If you can't handle the time then don't do the crime. He had no soul and does and did not care about dogs. He enjoyed the pain and suffering he inflicted on those dogs. He is so narcissistic.

  • S. Allen
    S. Allen 4 horas atrás

    She's SOOO MUCH BETTER than molly

  • Shane Hickey
    Shane Hickey 4 horas atrás

    Max, you're clueless as always

  • Moses Jones
    Moses Jones 4 horas atrás

    What happened to this guy joker? I hope he wake up in the playoffs.

  • that baller kobe
    that baller kobe 4 horas atrás

    Always been a star not a superstar 🤷‍♂️

  • Bryan Wong
    Bryan Wong 4 horas atrás

    Anyone notice how bledsoe traveled for the layup lol

  • Nicholas Gonzalez
    Nicholas Gonzalez 4 horas atrás

    He beat the best ever twice . Fu#% offf

  • Derek Mondares
    Derek Mondares 4 horas atrás

    Rex. Respect. I know you won't read this but nothing but respect. <3

  • Angel Solis
    Angel Solis 4 horas atrás

    You fucking amateur!!!! AJ just showed us he is a true champion

  • BlacK Bull
    BlacK Bull 4 horas atrás


  • Ylt Sen
    Ylt Sen 4 horas atrás

    Trade 'em all first except Barrett, Mitch, Knox, DSJ and Trier. I don't think coach is the problem, it's the fuckin roster

  • Get Right 2 it Podcast
    Get Right 2 it Podcast 4 horas atrás

    Max is Right point blank period!

  • Mr. Nobody Stl
    Mr. Nobody Stl 4 horas atrás

    Nikola just not playing good ball right now.

  • Gmac82
    Gmac82 4 horas atrás

    Like if you’re back here after Oklahoma beat Baylor (again).

  • Steven Schuster
    Steven Schuster 4 horas atrás

    He isnt serious about playing ball at the highest level. Being in shape with that kind of money is basic stuff..

  • R LI
    R LI 4 horas atrás

    Stephen A at his best! 😂

  • Ckproduction03
    Ckproduction03 4 horas atrás

    The team started off 5-6 in this system then they lose 11 straight. Tristan is having a career year in this system. The real issue is a two young point guards.

  • Akim Makoi
    Akim Makoi 4 horas atrás

    🤣🤣 I promise you if the NFL had said to Terrell were givening you an open workout..he would rush to the workout and show up EARLY. This is just a publicity stunt

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez 4 horas atrás

    The clippers will always be a skid mark on the Lakers underwear

  • azath house
    azath house 4 horas atrás

    Rachael, go get me a juice box.

  • W Md
    W Md 4 horas atrás

    Mr Atlas on the ball as ever. Ruiz's weight didn't have any positive impact.

  • Seattle Seahawks
    Seattle Seahawks 4 horas atrás

    We bouta be 11-2

  • Jasonjjw west
    Jasonjjw west 4 horas atrás

    Once again, Max Kellerman was wrong. What a shocker! 😂😂😂

  • angela thomas
    angela thomas 4 horas atrás

    Tua please go pro the Saints want you and that would make me happy.

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis 4 horas atrás

    wait that's not Jamie Foxx?

  • Mr. Nobody Stl
    Mr. Nobody Stl 4 horas atrás

    He gone play more sessions but I pray melo gets picked up by the right team because that's gone play a major part

  • Prophecy Gaming
    Prophecy Gaming 4 horas atrás


  • Glen Morrison
    Glen Morrison 4 horas atrás

    Not a nuggets fan so can someone explain to me how they're such a high seed? 🤔

    • L Lawliet
      L Lawliet 4 horas atrás

      Depth and defense. These two factors alone can get the Nuggets into the playoffs

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz 4 horas atrás

    Atlas the liar really he is a punch drunk fool who should stop his lying 🤥 He already pissed off 😤 Sammy the Bull Gravano can’t wait to hear that Assless Atlas is found in A TRUNK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • james benedict
    james benedict 4 horas atrás

    He is clearly out of his game, more over his head is not in it. Can't blame him due a family issue of his brother being imprisoned.

  • Steve Kutz
    Steve Kutz 4 horas atrás

    Great puncher , excellent foot work.. Babe Ruth didn’t look like a baseball either ... My Prediction.. Quicker than first match .. Go Andy ..

  • Ylt Sen
    Ylt Sen 4 horas atrás

    This team has a garbage roster. Even if they'll hire 12 Phil Jacksons, Knicks still ain't winning

  • Beatsbykr rios
    Beatsbykr rios 4 horas atrás

    Rich Def hating about that statue

  • tracy legrand
    tracy legrand 4 horas atrás

    He's celebrating but he predicted the cowboys to go 11-5.... so he is celebrating being wrong

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 4 horas atrás

    I'm not getting this, he missed the dunk the ball went in and came back out via the net so what's the issue SMH

  • jdelgado216
    jdelgado216 4 horas atrás

    Not even Greg Popovich with a prime Timmy can save that hellhole called the Knicks

  • Zack S
    Zack S 4 horas atrás

    Anyone that says that the nuggets are not a top ten team in the NBA does NOT no anything about basketball and should never talk about this sport EVER again

  • landshark616
    landshark616 4 horas atrás

    Good for his health!!

  • Roxas Sora
    Roxas Sora 4 horas atrás

    What does east and west have to do with anything when it’s the regular season. Giannis is mvp Rn

  • Eljhon Lanuza
    Eljhon Lanuza 4 horas atrás

    They're looking to Rob Luka Doncic AGAIN

  • cloud 9
    cloud 9 4 horas atrás

    I ain’t tryna get punched by Greek sorry

  • Ed Neg
    Ed Neg 4 horas atrás


  • Kat Black
    Kat Black 4 horas atrás

    Slaves getting fed cheap crappy food by Roman slave owners surprises you?

  • Martin Simpson
    Martin Simpson 4 horas atrás

    WELL Dang the chemistry seems to be working now as is did 57-71 hummm are people, let along E.S.P.N that ignorant of the n.b.a history? A 6-9 center Playing guys like Wilt Chamberlain 7'1" and the Celtics won 11 Championships in 13 years with maybe the greatest defensive center ever to play, only 6'9"do they need a big man? Or you all just about hype!!

  • Junaid Desai
    Junaid Desai 4 horas atrás

    Giannis is easily the MVP right now. LeBron is anywhere from 2nd to 4th.

  • Message Keenan Ivory Wayans Voice

    I need playoff Jokic from last year. Sorry this dude is struggling but he will get it together.

  • Zando Lee
    Zando Lee 4 horas atrás

    WWE league. The rules are not for all.

  • P.T.onfire
    P.T.onfire 4 horas atrás

    Wilder Turned down $100

  • Jerome Maiquez
    Jerome Maiquez 4 horas atrás

    gotta get off those carbs smh

  • Dražen Obradović
    Dražen Obradović 4 horas atrás

    Classic Luka

  • Brandon Wavvy
    Brandon Wavvy 4 horas atrás

    Would’ve been funny if they started to sing Happy Birthday instead fo chanting it

  • Emilvan Damgo
    Emilvan Damgo 4 horas atrás

    Giannis will lose hes not enough

  • Cam Mewton
    Cam Mewton 4 horas atrás

    JJ wants the glory when they win the big one, but need Garrett to take the heat when they lose.

  • Sacklife Sak
    Sacklife Sak 4 horas atrás

    Ravens: the 49ers are a Great Team It was a good game 49ers: Ravens only won because Lamar Jackson "BLACK"

  • uttar dewan
    uttar dewan 4 horas atrás

    Why are you making fun of this fun guy

  • Eternal Darkness
    Eternal Darkness 4 horas atrás

    It’s almost as if he’s passed away. ESPN always be on that emotional bs. 😂 🤦‍♂️

  • D G
    D G 4 horas atrás

    Jokic should get more toned up, hit the weights, lose some weight. He's getting torched by the more athletic centers/ power forwards out there.

    • Alek Vuletic
      Alek Vuletic 4 horas atrás

      Who torched him?His best games are against Joel and Towns

  • The JD experiment
    The JD experiment 4 horas atrás

    But you just compared them tho 😂

  • b metrix
    b metrix 4 horas atrás

    Christian Ponder is a fortunate dood to have a lady like Samantha.

  • Sacklife Sak
    Sacklife Sak 4 horas atrás

    Ravens: Good Game The 49ers are a Great Team 49ers: The Ravens only won because Lamar Jackson "BLACK"

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4 horas atrás

    The lakes have less losses then the nicks have wins 😂😂😂😂