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Chance The Rapper Leads The New Season of 'Punk'd'
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Robert Downey Jr. Doesn't Regret Doing Blackface
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Donnell Rawlings Disrespects The Breakfast Club
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Rihanna Clears Up Shaggy's Album Audition Claim
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Issa Rae Subtly Shades The 92nd Oscar Nominations
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Trick Daddy Arrested On Cocaine Charges
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Lady Gaga Comes Clean About Mental Health Issues
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Are Men More Selfish Than Women In Bed?
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  • Kellz The one and only Lefontae

    Why TF would he want to mess up his money? Charlemagne and G. Union are the donkeys. FOH!

  • Jeek dasneak
    Jeek dasneak 23 segundos atrás

    Yo CMTG sooooo fckn ANNOYING. Gd bro, enough is enough, I think he really is confused in the closet.

  • Atreyu Riddle
    Atreyu Riddle 35 segundos atrás

    Ars.... everyone has off days... back in his day Cass was the shit.. and he had a good performance against Diz.. Be real.. you sucked in the battle against Cass.. you were both off that day.. Cause normally Ars is great.. but that battle.. not so.

  • Atreyu Riddle
    Atreyu Riddle Minuto atrás

    Ars.... everyone has off days... back in his day Cass was the shit.. and he had a good performance against Diz.. Be real.. you sucked in the battle against Cass.. you were both off that day.. Cause normally Ars is great.. but that battle.. not so.

  • Mario Chavez
    Mario Chavez Minuto atrás

    Please fire her!!!

  • Jaime
    Jaime Minuto atrás

    I don't understand why people were cheering and clapping for Meghan and the Prince... People acting like they rejected the wealth. Prince Harry is still a multimillionaire of the merit of his birth due to a system he allegedly rejects. You'd think they moved into a 1 bed room in Brooklyn instead of a million dollar mansion with how people paint them...

  • Tavares Mccree
    Tavares Mccree 2 minutos atrás

    Pulpit pimp!!!!

  • Caged Animal
    Caged Animal 3 minutos atrás

    Bring dr Tony Evans on

  • K. A
    K. A 4 minutos atrás

    Union is on some woke bullshit

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han 4 minutos atrás

    I wonder what would happen if the anchor was black. How it would have went down.

  • Ra'Shada Bruce
    Ra'Shada Bruce 4 minutos atrás

    This is weird to watch people obviously idolizing another human being, they don’t mind that they obviously look insecure during the interview

  • Timothée Meto'o
    Timothée Meto'o 5 minutos atrás

    That means she's used to saying it and she slipped.

  • Thormidori
    Thormidori 5 minutos atrás

    This a weak donkey of the day

  • STR8murduhGames
    STR8murduhGames 6 minutos atrás

    She most definitely said Nakers, but ok, continue villianising another white person for no reason 🙄

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus Alvarez 7 minutos atrás

    And she defended him at first. She doesn’t have good judgment

  • mbugua gaku
    mbugua gaku 9 minutos atrás

    If CTG leaves this show, BFC is a wrap. He clearly steers the show.

  • Shawny Love
    Shawny Love 10 minutos atrás

    I wonder if she woulda not been caught if she stayed in the hood

  • Mark Goodwin
    Mark Goodwin 12 minutos atrás

    Black has nothing to do with this. It’s attitude, hair weave and most of all being complicated to work with. However Terry is of musclebound man that’s gay and has a white wife that has the dick🤷🏽‍♂️ dick in the Booty Ass Wigger you I said you don’t Deserve the N-word

  • Murdertown039
    Murdertown039 13 minutos atrás

    He should be Donkey of the year

  • Flashlight Studio
    Flashlight Studio 13 minutos atrás

    This judge should be a comedian instead

  • martyna ___
    martyna ___ 15 minutos atrás

    Pretty Flacko just get prettier with time 😭

  • champukeilyn
    champukeilyn 15 minutos atrás

    @ 13:42

  • LuvJoyMuzik
    LuvJoyMuzik 16 minutos atrás

    She must get fired!!!

  • Sigmund Q Freud
    Sigmund Q Freud 16 minutos atrás

    Hey, how does Mike Tyson feel about you stealing his lisp tho?

  • Philippe Beauvais
    Philippe Beauvais 17 minutos atrás

    I mean I don’t see it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Steve breezy
    Steve breezy 18 minutos atrás

    West africa born and raised, now Philadelphia is where I spend most of my days chillen out maxing relaxing all cool

  • Sigmund Q Freud
    Sigmund Q Freud 18 minutos atrás

    Moral of the story this has Democrats triggered and that's funny.

  • Andrew Ashford
    Andrew Ashford 18 minutos atrás

    Chyea Rocky I started my clothing brand after I heard Keep it G! That shit changed my life!

  • DDappa 1980
    DDappa 1980 20 minutos atrás

    Terry gets no credit from me ever since getting fondled as a grown man that can defend himself, yet took it defenseless. Early morning. Hope I made sense w/out change. What I'm certain of, is that our black women does need to be protected....

  • Daniel Acord
    Daniel Acord 22 minutos atrás

    Wendy gotta follow the guy code with her husky ass

  • Kharisma Bryant
    Kharisma Bryant 22 minutos atrás

    Good Word!! Love his wisdom.

  • Kai GlfR7
    Kai GlfR7 22 minutos atrás

    Did CTG have Angela Yee’s back when Gucci man when in on her? Hell no...CTG, you’re a hypocrite..u get the donkey of the week.

  • Dirksón! Photography
    Dirksón! Photography 23 minutos atrás

    One of the Greatest Minds of our Time - Greetings from Germany

  • The_R_G_R_Gang Townsend
    The_R_G_R_Gang Townsend 23 minutos atrás

    I’m so proud of u Mo🙌🏾❤️God is good🤞🏾

  • Sharon Bacon
    Sharon Bacon 24 minutos atrás


  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 24 minutos atrás

    Why would he regret it, it didn't affect his career...However in these situations someone always goes down, Brandon T Jackson's career...never recovered. When he did that interview talking about how Downey played a Black Man better than any Black Man he knew... I knew it was over. I remember that people interview to this day "“To be honest, he played a black dude better than anybody I've seen!" "He, like, became a Black Man." I Still Cringe.

  • KiddiE CuL-De-SaC
    KiddiE CuL-De-SaC 24 minutos atrás

    Good timing for TD Jakes to come to the show

  • Xania Banks
    Xania Banks 25 minutos atrás

    Let’s get this to 1million views

  • Tavah Ben Yah
    Tavah Ben Yah 25 minutos atrás

    So who cares they all Kiss the white man's ass!!!

  • Randy Collins
    Randy Collins 25 minutos atrás

    That's what his ass get

  • champukeilyn
    champukeilyn 26 minutos atrás

    came right in with the nipsey on the front and the 6 on the back another sellout

  • Dark Man
    Dark Man 28 minutos atrás

    TD SNAKES!!! - Celebrity Phoney!!!!!! - CLOWN!

  • King In The Making
    King In The Making 28 minutos atrás

    They don't like Angela yee

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 28 minutos atrás

    People in aviation call helicopters planes or birds too...

  • Seondell Green
    Seondell Green 29 minutos atrás

    Not saying it's right but a simple case of "The Scorpion and the Frog."

  • Romeo MK
    Romeo MK 30 minutos atrás

    I think she was trying to make a meme.

  • Hristiyan Savov
    Hristiyan Savov 31 minuto atrás

    Nakers she says nakers

  • Galactusz007
    Galactusz007 31 minuto atrás

    Amanda Nunes would smoke both chicks.

  • neo217041
    neo217041 32 minutos atrás

    This is hilarious. You mans punch the shit of that ass

    WTF_ENIGMA 32 minutos atrás

    Nobody has charmins back anyway atleast he knows.

  • salahudeen muhammad
    salahudeen muhammad 32 minutos atrás

    That's not what the scriptures says about suicide.Again take from the religion like a buffet .

  • Nenamami brown
    Nenamami brown 33 minutos atrás

    This that crazy catfish girl real momma huh?

  • Alibaba Blackthorn
    Alibaba Blackthorn 34 minutos atrás

    Next stop Fox News, state TV Bye-bye Allison morris.☠️☠️👹👹👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼👩🏼

  • The Real Cigar Jefe
    The Real Cigar Jefe 35 minutos atrás

    Nikki is washed up.

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 36 minutos atrás

    Jaden Been smokin Madd Pole for years ...

  • The Lion
    The Lion 37 minutos atrás

    Everyone defending this woman are either partially deaf or just straight up racists.

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 39 minutos atrás

    Fab was in “Brown Sugar” for Like 5 secs lol. i guess That counts

  • OldAssYoungBoi
    OldAssYoungBoi 39 minutos atrás

    Yo are you wearing Master and Dynamic MH40s? Those are so dope, own a pair myself.

  • SyriusStar Multimedia
    SyriusStar Multimedia 39 minutos atrás

    Have these people or anyone called Mark Wahlberg to the carpet? How many children were in the class he attacked? From Oprah to whoever it is crazy that if a black person does anything negative it is pushed. This is how Plaxico Buress went to prison for 1 gun, while Epstein had multiple victims and stayed free.

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 39 minutos atrás

    I Think Fab & Drake should Do a Another Track together .

  • Dan LeClair
    Dan LeClair 42 minutos atrás

    Is IP intellectual property?

  • Nenamami brown
    Nenamami brown 43 minutos atrás

    What the miracle whhipp. Mars relocation needs to be implemented

    NID ENT 44 minutos atrás

    Do y’all think United masters Illuminati satanic / makes u sell ur soul behind close doors ? I’m skeptical to sign any record deal I feel like imma get fucked regardless

  • nick4604
    nick4604 45 minutos atrás

    Was the air around the turd or thru the turd. DAMN WINDY

    KAZBAAH 46 minutos atrás


  • Ju Da Prinx Beatz.
    Ju Da Prinx Beatz. 46 minutos atrás


  • Brother 2 Brother Int TV
    Brother 2 Brother Int TV 46 minutos atrás

    Sometime his approach is abrasive... BUT.... Dame is solid as they come and is definitely resourceful, Inspiring and a Gem for his people....

  • Melvin Sprewel
    Melvin Sprewel 46 minutos atrás

    Black Womens favorite Panderer

    REVAMP & ELEVATE 48 minutos atrás

    Dam terry that was some sucka shit

  • Bianca Culpo
    Bianca Culpo 48 minutos atrás

    I NEEDED THIS!!!!!!! I felt every single word especially towards the end about not feeling worthy and self sabotage.

  • Ju Da Prinx Beatz.
    Ju Da Prinx Beatz. 51 minuto atrás


  • Basketball Player
    Basketball Player 51 minuto atrás

    Bruh AGT is the best gig Terry Crews can get...he don’t wanna go back to old spice commercials and random small rolls...let him live he needs the job she’s married to a guy with hundreds of millions of dollars

  • jerin browder
    jerin browder 54 minutos atrás

    Why y'all keep doggin Terry Cruz

  • Brian Casa
    Brian Casa 54 minutos atrás

    Big up breakfast club! Nice to see No, interrupting each other! I respect that! Giving everybody a chance to ask questions. Love that! Very professional

  • Charmaine Scott
    Charmaine Scott 54 minutos atrás

    Usally , "Donkey Of The Day" has slight humor to it and I can usally get atleast ONE laugh out of it. However, in this moment , as a black women, who has been through the pain caused by a black man regardless of title ( brother, father , uncle etc... ) and has to see her sister(s)/ peers on an even larger scale disrespected again and again ....It's just numbing at this point and I'm tired of seeing black mens backs break, or hide , or they're the ones attacking black women. For what!? Why are you like this?...Why can't you be supportive?...In general, black men as a collective have deep rooted issue with the black female and it's just a damn shame. I'm just so over it . These stories are nothing new and THAT'S the problem. Black men disrespecting / not supporting black women should NOT be the norm. I pray the new generation of black men see the faults in their representatives and change the narrative.

  • BrenerBrucey7
    BrenerBrucey7 55 minutos atrás

    Wow 🙏🏽🙌🏾

  • Karti
    Karti 56 minutos atrás

    Igor wasn’t just a rap album

  • Travon Gooden
    Travon Gooden 57 minutos atrás

    Gay ASF

  • john gillians
    john gillians 57 minutos atrás

    And this is important news because why??

  • BoOniEDoTsShOw
    BoOniEDoTsShOw 59 minutos atrás

    Love you Pop!!

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G Hora atrás

    All dese niggas gay

  • Freedom Bremner - Houseofreedom

    First, Robert Downey Jr's performance in Tropic Thunder is amazing. He plays an Australian method actor, who is portraying an African American solider in a movie. Downey as the Australian actor wears make-up and a wig to look like and African American male. The truth is that is not actually black face in the true sense. . I have to make this point blackface is not the act of a white person, wearing brown make up to play a person or character who has brown skin. Wearing makeup being, pretending to be something you are not, that is what actors do and there isn't anything inherently wrong with actors wearing makeup to make the character believable. The issue is one of power. White people in American entertainment have had it and no other ethnic group could compete. It's about the lack of access that actors of color have had to deal with in America. Blackface is a very specific American thing. It is directly connected to slavery. It is from a period in America where white singer's put on exaggerated, even grotesque, black makeup, then highlighted the area around the lips with bright white make up, to imitate African American people and artists. Once the make up was on, these white entertainers did poor, uninformed, often insulting and humiliating, impersonations of black people through song and dance. They tried to perform black music and they did it with no real respect for the culture. They did it badly. These were called minstrel shows. That's not to say some of these minstrel performers were not talented, it' is to say what they were doing was a weak parody of what African American music and song really was at the time. Minstrel shows became so popular with the mainstream white culture , that at a certain point actual black actors had to put on black face in order to work in the theater and venues of their day. Black actors couldn't get hired without this fake black make u! Nuts!.That is where blackface comes from. That's what it actually is. One day we will reach a point where we've had enough diversity in Hollywood, where are our cultures have been sufficiently represented in film and media by members of their respective communities that we'll be able to entertain the idea of people wearing makeup to play characters of different ethnicities without offending so many people.. We're not there yet. We're still suffering from the injustice of years of Hollywood productions with white people playing Asians, Italians, Greeks, Native Americans, Africans and on and on, while actors from those communities were not even considered. It's a long road that we're on, to get to something that feels fair representation, but I believe we will get there.

  • Omega Stewart
    Omega Stewart Hora atrás

    I just don't like Charlemagne 😡😡

  • Funky Doghead
    Funky Doghead Hora atrás

    He was forced to say that... protect the bag, he ain’t say shit badd

  • ksmithjr55
    ksmithjr55 Hora atrás

    Terry crews is that token black guy

  • dats that dude
    dats that dude Hora atrás

    Envy a cop

  • KingKongoMusiq
    KingKongoMusiq Hora atrás

    That check will make a ninja turn blind and deaf in heartbeat smh. Hey terry if you didn't catch the newsflash, "protect our goddesses" that's the new motto. Time to catch up✊🏿 smh

  • Kayla Dunn
    Kayla Dunn Hora atrás

    That's F****d Up. Im never marrying anybody. We just gonna have to be in a serious relationship. If we breakup, take what's yours and cut ties. Marriage is business now. No longer on love.

  • L. Torrence
    L. Torrence Hora atrás

    Clarissa don't seem like she punches very hard. A lot of fast punching. Laila seems like she can put some heat on some of those hands.

  • Donny Morgan
    Donny Morgan Hora atrás

    like Charlie has a sweat shirt on that says black men are dope if a white person had a shirt on that said white men are dope and always talked about white this white that blacks would cry racism fucking cry baby's

  • Unruly King868
    Unruly King868 Hora atrás

    CTG what are you even talking about my guy

  • Earthly GoddessOya
    Earthly GoddessOya Hora atrás

    How cowardly,another black male not on code.



  • berserkir
    berserkir Hora atrás

    I have never heard TD Jakes speak before this interview, and I feel inspired by him. His best quality from this short observation is that it feels like he is having a conversation with you instead of lecturing or talking at you.

    MR AMSTERDAM305 Hora atrás

    This is the same man who let another man grab his man part foh them people got him rite where they want him smh

  • Shyam Doshi
    Shyam Doshi Hora atrás

    I can see huge diff between Dame and him. Dame is used to getting a business clicking. Steve just leverages emotions and branding to ride waves. He understands waves and how to make them make money

  • S O
    S O Hora atrás

    Loool I don’t blame terry crews, the lady is larked difficult and she tried to complain about Simon cowell who owns the show, and if he says he only pleases his wife the fair enough

  • hassan booker
    hassan booker Hora atrás

    Lord Jamar was on the Sopranos

  • James Cash
    James Cash Hora atrás

    For once I can put myself in someone shoes 6:39 But its hIllarious

  • Black Zona
    Black Zona Hora atrás

    She owning up to her last name 😂😂