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First We Feast
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The Best Da Bomb Reactions of 2019 | Hot Ones
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The Hot Ones Holiday Special | Hot Ones
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  • Jo A
    Jo A Minuto atrás

    I love these together!! She’s such a good match for him (friend wise)!!!

  • Freeden
    Freeden 5 minutos atrás

    This just proves that Zoe is the perfect woman. Quite possibly the coolest woman on earth. Great episode.

  • Fedora McClaren
    Fedora McClaren 5 minutos atrás

    All that hot sauce has him regretting his interaction with zebras!!!

  • Aussie Bloke
    Aussie Bloke 6 minutos atrás

    one of the funniest guests yet!

  • rickie5150
    rickie5150 11 minutos atrás

    Joey CoCo Diaz is absolutely HILARIOUS !!! This one of the best Hot Ones episodes ever !!!

  • Hella Wave
    Hella Wave 13 minutos atrás

    Wow beautiful 2:57 😭🤤🤤‼️‼️

  • Richard Wills
    Richard Wills 14 minutos atrás

    If its not on youtube then i can't watch it.

  • John Le
    John Le 14 minutos atrás


  • Yesterday’s Youth
    Yesterday’s Youth 16 minutos atrás


  • Issac little
    Issac little 16 minutos atrás

    4:37 twin tower flashbacks

  • Iris Baca
    Iris Baca 18 minutos atrás

    I knew I liked Shia's work, but I didn't know I liked Shia until now. Great episode

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor 18 minutos atrás

    The only single reason I would even want to be a celebrity is to be on hot ones!!! So you mean there is a chance? What is the new show? heart eyes for dayzzzzz

  • Viking4116 hi
    Viking4116 hi 18 minutos atrás

    If they ever made a grand theft auto movie Johnny would be the best Trevor

  • Crypto Jack
    Crypto Jack 18 minutos atrás

    Nobody likes her. I only came to watch to see whether she died or not

  • D T
    D T 19 minutos atrás

    Rhett outthought them all. He was already ahead when he suggested they all work together and have the same answers. So, he knew, right or wrong, he was going to stay ahead. ;)

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris 20 minutos atrás

    if i get offered a burger with refried beans on it we gotta fight

  • Will Brennan
    Will Brennan 20 minutos atrás

    " My credit score was lower then my cholesterol thats how you know you are a real loser " - Artie Lange

  • BlamBar7
    BlamBar7 21 minuto atrás

    I love Jeff Golfblum but damn that guy is weird

  • PitaPit Manager
    PitaPit Manager 22 minutos atrás

    Thkipp! my Thace is burning! Thkieeeeeeeeeeep!!!

  • Haylz Aldz
    Haylz Aldz 23 minutos atrás

    So happy for Sean and the team!!!!

  • Aravind Saravanan
    Aravind Saravanan 23 minutos atrás

    No no no no no Don't lose your original charm

  • PitaPit Manager
    PitaPit Manager 24 minutos atrás

    Did he say fire in the hole? They're about to have a fire in all of their holes!

  • Marco Bordier
    Marco Bordier 25 minutos atrás

    I would love to see porter robinson on the show, he just released a new single and he has an album coming 2020

  • reymichels michaels
    reymichels michaels 26 minutos atrás

    You should do one of the Wheel of Time Cast

  • Hellbound Wolf420
    Hellbound Wolf420 27 minutos atrás

    Johnny Knoxville seriously gives me jim carrey vibes.

  • Fedora McClaren
    Fedora McClaren 28 minutos atrás

    I totally had a feeling there would be vegan nuggets for him...I don't know why,

  • Jonathan Landeros
    Jonathan Landeros 29 minutos atrás

    Chocolate milk! That's a smart man.

  • calvin
    calvin 29 minutos atrás

    so he digs in his ass then gives sean a nice double helping of a donut

  • sdclizbe
    sdclizbe 32 minutos atrás

    Rachel Ray is a bossssss!

  • Perkelenaattori
    Perkelenaattori 34 minutos atrás

    Sean is a very good interviewer but this show looks like utter junk.

  • Ahmet Iscitürk
    Ahmet Iscitürk 35 minutos atrás

    This is the beginning of the end.

    • Sara
      Sara Minuto atrás

      How? The show on BR-plus is still going.

  • Chad Schrader
    Chad Schrader 35 minutos atrás

    Watching Alvin eat with that neck beard, yuck. Dudes so fucking gross with his poky skin, like your going to be on TV clean up. Also. Fucking care about yourself a little maybe a salad and a walk sometime.

  • Wynnie W
    Wynnie W 39 minutos atrás

    I think joji is trying his best as the older of the two to become a better example

  • Ray Morales
    Ray Morales 40 minutos atrás

    Hahah amazing!! Congrats to the first we feast team!!!!

  • Neem
    Neem 43 minutos atrás

    Why i like gordon ramsey over jamie oliver (or someone like that): He's cocky and he's frequently an asshole. But he doesn't try to hide it. And he is still a good guy quite a lot

  • McTastyTeaBeg
    McTastyTeaBeg 45 minutos atrás

    It took me a while to believe this wasn't a hoax. This looks amazing!

  • Josh Brophy
    Josh Brophy 45 minutos atrás

    Congrats Sean and FWF!

  • lillianna lansing
    lillianna lansing 46 minutos atrás

    I just keep watching this and laughing super hard. I am crying and my dog is looking at me concerned

  • Roni Law
    Roni Law 48 minutos atrás

    This show is great. Reveals people for they are. Props. Halle berry being Halle berry

  • gumpotronic
    gumpotronic 49 minutos atrás

    There went the shark

  • Stacey Lee Weeaks-Hernandez
    Stacey Lee Weeaks-Hernandez 49 minutos atrás

    As a kid my mom made "cabbage burgers" that look a lot like the bierocks made here. She served them with home made cream of tomato soup. Truly one of my all time favorites.

  • dngrspapercut
    dngrspapercut 51 minuto atrás

    this is the best guest on the show of all time. gordon is up there too. but this is the mecca.

  • chaosfactor333
    chaosfactor333 52 minutos atrás

    I used to go to the Ramen Shack in FiDi. It was one of the best in NYC. Really miss it. The ramen burger was awesome.

  • Antoine Allen
    Antoine Allen 54 minutos atrás

    Haaaaaas to be the most curses in any Hot Ones episode! hahahhahahaaaaaaaa Fuck shit fuck shit!!!!! LoL

  • Al Ebnereza
    Al Ebnereza 55 minutos atrás

    Bowing out on the 3rd wing is not a good look, “ma guy”.

  • Jonathan Landeros
    Jonathan Landeros 56 minutos atrás

    I think some American interviewers don't know how to handle Ricky. Like he puts some of them off cause hes not as agreeable as others.

  • Pip 1984
    Pip 1984 56 minutos atrás

    Bryan Cranston..legend!

  • tydfil
    tydfil 58 minutos atrás

    That actually looks fun

    PASSPORT PAPIII 58 minutos atrás

    13:38 finger sucking 👀

  • Ikenna Anugwo
    Ikenna Anugwo 59 minutos atrás

    get that money Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erak
    erak Hora atrás


  • Frostbite
    Frostbite Hora atrás

    No no no. There is no difference between watching the Dolphins regardless.... They just suck.

  • Jose Alanis
    Jose Alanis Hora atrás

    Will it be available to watch on BR-plus? Idc even if I have to pay like on YTred

  • intoxicary
    intoxicary Hora atrás

    I want to be a contestant! How does one get on the show?

  • Baby YeetuZ
    Baby YeetuZ Hora atrás

    Bruh y'all need to get Shaggy2Dope on the show no cap

  • Carolina Vidal
    Carolina Vidal Hora atrás

    Wheres his award for holding spice so good

  • Carnex
    Carnex Hora atrás

    This doesnt look like its going to be particuarly good but im happy for you that you got a TV show out of it.

  • Allison Coppola
    Allison Coppola Hora atrás

    I'm torn...interesting interview, she rocked it- but I enjoy watching guests suffer lol...

  • Jrayclouser 31
    Jrayclouser 31 Hora atrás

    Congratulations I remember you at like 500k and now you have 8mill with a game show coming out

  • pipi caca
    pipi caca Hora atrás

    So relatable and professional and sweet and beautiful

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod Hora atrás

    The *only* person I've seen yet who said "Da Bomb" was "tasty". Most folks comment there is nothing but heat.

  • Music G
    Music G Hora atrás

    no hoodie?? the end is near people

  • Shaun Silverleaf
    Shaun Silverleaf Hora atrás

    Guy wears a Tampax shirt...eats napkins. Were they feminine napkins?

  • Bort
    Bort Hora atrás

    Nobody has cable anymore. This show is 100% going to flop if they don't upload the episodes to BR-plus.

  • connor
    connor Hora atrás

    Rip Kobe

  • Kolateral2
    Kolateral2 Hora atrás

    There are a few times he looked like himself while playing filthy frank

  • Jonathan Landeros
    Jonathan Landeros Hora atrás

    David Brent was a beautiful character. I wish they had kept the British office going.

  • Kooler
    Kooler Hora atrás

    When he talks about his wife <3

  • Breanna R. Paez
    Breanna R. Paez Hora atrás

    Wow. Sean really made it! This is amazing

  • camille
    camille Hora atrás

    she's so soft AHHH

  • Alina Boutique
    Alina Boutique Hora atrás

    love you, i love this channel 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez Hora atrás

    R.i.p. Kobe Bryant

  • ewwwt
    ewwwt Hora atrás

    Lenny's Baby Girl is Fucken Beautiful! O.o?!?!

  • Rice Animation
    Rice Animation Hora atrás

    3:57 sounds like he’s saying I don’t give a f**k

  • Lᴏᴋɪ Oʀᴍꜱᴛᴜɴɢᴀ

    I hate game shows but I love watching people suffer so I'll watch this

  • Sonny Roman
    Sonny Roman Hora atrás

    Shia Labeouf, the first man to break Sean by making sure he had the same amount as he did. Sean is visibly more affected by the spices as it goes on.

  • Gaona
    Gaona Hora atrás

    7:16 All I can think of is AbroadInJapan's Journey Across Japan

  • Chewy V
    Chewy V Hora atrás


  • Anand Prahlad
    Anand Prahlad Hora atrás

    The best guest so far! 😎

    STRAP DADDY Hora atrás

    Kevin Hart is funny as hell😂😂😂😂

  • Derek Zurovetz
    Derek Zurovetz Hora atrás

    I've just got one question. Where are Noel's sunglasses?

  • B R
    B R Hora atrás

    A reminder not to get lost in somebody's attractiveness. Cool ass person.

  • Cody White
    Cody White Hora atrás

    Yo thats dude from complex rte

  • Jonathan Landeros
    Jonathan Landeros Hora atrás

    He answers too quickly, that's how you know he's full of shit. Technology does change you too. Social Media doesn't expose you at all, because you craft everything that you post. Social Media is not a mirror, people are can be mirrors. If you stay off the internet for even 1 month you will be a different person. Alot of cocky businessmen are full of shit! They care about money and their image and that's it.

  • ihatescreennames89
    ihatescreennames89 Hora atrás

    This guy (Offerman) really likes to hear himself talk.

  • Divine to be different

    Why does the host never cry or get chocked up from the heat? Is not taking the hot sauce? Or did he take the pill that makes everything sweet first? I'm confused

  • exod4
    exod4 Hora atrás

    Why do they have D-list actors as guests?🤔

  • Falcon
    Falcon Hora atrás

    Expand your vocabulary and stop saying 'like,' Matty. 🙄

  • snugzz1
    snugzz1 Hora atrás

    We need Scarlett Johansson!!!!

  • Recluse
    Recluse Hora atrás

    Please keep your original Hot Ones Celebrity videos

  • kaceybellanero
    kaceybellanero Hora atrás

    Henry doesn’t get high but I believe he’s high off some wings right now! He’s enjoying himself!!!

  • Diondre Jordan
    Diondre Jordan Hora atrás

    29:19 Juice WRLD ;*(

  • Isaac Sizemore
    Isaac Sizemore Hora atrás

    shoenice, he was talking about shoenice referring to him as voldemort

  • Marc Dominguez
    Marc Dominguez Hora atrás

    21:17 had me rolling hahahaha her face bro!!!!

  • Indy Gopnik
    Indy Gopnik Hora atrás

    Don't eat too many hot wings. Eating too many hot wings on a regular basis is really bad for your body. The very spicy hot wings are the worst for your body. Do not eat them regularly. Be safe.

  • gustavo66bueno
    gustavo66bueno Hora atrás

    he caught his white whale

  • Indy Gopnik
    Indy Gopnik Hora atrás

    Don't eat too many hot wings. Eating too many hot wings on a regular basis is really bad for your body. The very spicy hot wings are the worst for your body. Do not eat them regularly. Be safe.

  • Mariana Amor
    Mariana Amor Hora atrás

    You know you're close when you smell each other's breath 😂 Anyone who's read the books already knows.

  • John Peaches
    John Peaches Hora atrás

    Yg is a bore

  • Logan B
    Logan B Hora atrás

    I quit watching when the girl said she's never seen an episode and the other people made me question while I was watching too lmao. After watching the Brett Baker episode (ie: a real super fan of the show) this was just rather sad to watch.