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Melanie Martinez - Recess [Official Music Video]
Visualizações 682 mil14 dias atrás
Melanie Martinez - High School Sweethearts
Visualizações 1,1 mi18 dias atrás
Episode 3 - Recess with Melanie Martinez
Visualizações 1,3 mi2 meses atrás
Episode 2 - P.E. with Melanie Martinez
Visualizações 2,7 mi2 meses atrás
Episode 1 - Arts & Crafts with Melanie Martinez
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Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)
Visualizações 45 mi5 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Recess [Official Audio]
Visualizações 5 mi5 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Detention [Official Audio]
Visualizações 10 mi5 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Class Fight [Official Audio]
Visualizações 7 mi5 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Show & Tell [Official Audio]
Visualizações 13 mi5 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake (Snippet)
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Melanie Martinez - Orange Juice (Snippet)
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Melanie Martinez - Nurse's Office (Snippet)
Visualizações 2,6 mi5 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Drama Club (Snippet)
Visualizações 1,4 mi6 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Show & Tell (Snippet)
Visualizações 2 mi6 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Teacher's Pet (Snippet)
Visualizações 1,6 mi6 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Class Fight (Snippet)
Visualizações 1,6 mi6 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Wheels On The Bus (Snippet)
Visualizações 1,9 mi6 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - K-12 (Official Trailer)
Visualizações 7 mi7 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Recess (Snippet)
Visualizações 1,4 mi7 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Detention (Snippet)
Visualizações 1,6 mi7 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - The Principal (Snippet)
Visualizações 1,7 mi7 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - Lunchbox Friends (Snippet)
Visualizações 2,7 mi8 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - K-12 (TV Spot)
Visualizações 6 mi8 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - K-12 (Teaser 3)
Visualizações 2,8 mi8 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - K-12 (Teaser 2)
Visualizações 3,5 mi9 meses atrás
Melanie Martinez - K-12
Visualizações 4,9 mi9 meses atrás
Tag, You're It/Milk and Cookies Double Feature
Visualizações 84 mi3 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez 'Cry Baby' Tour Trailer
Visualizações 1,5 mi3 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby (Behind The Scenes)
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Melanie Martinez - Soap (Jerome Price Remix)
Visualizações 598 mil4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Soap (LUXXURY Remix)
Visualizações 468 mil4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Soap (Stooki Sound Remix)
Visualizações 643 mil4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Soap (Sailors Remix)
Visualizações 447 mil4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Soap (Gladiator Remix)
Visualizações 1,3 mi4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Pity Party (The Feels Remix)
Visualizações 713 mil4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Pity Party (Kassiano Remix)
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Melanie Martinez - Cake (Official Audio)
Visualizações 38 mi4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Play Date (Official Audio)
Visualizações 30 mi4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Teddy Bear (Official Audio)
Visualizações 25 mi4 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Carousel (Live)
Visualizações 4,1 mi5 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse (Live)
Visualizações 10 mi5 anos atrás
Melanie Martinez - Dead To Me (Official Audio)
Visualizações 16 mi5 anos atrás


  • Lazari Sean
    Lazari Sean 2 minutos atrás

    mealine looks like a real kid like if u agree

  • M. Nourishad
    M. Nourishad 5 minutos atrás

    Everyone else: BILLIE EILISH!!! Me: VocaCircus

  • Tony Khoury
    Tony Khoury 9 minutos atrás

    Lyrics: (1st verse) Over my shoulder, eyes peeking in , analyse my every move, what current state I'm in cause' you are colder than ice on my skin,wanna get that A+ baby so you take my s*** , cause I am little. Right? I won't call you out.Teachers saying you get better so why would you stop now? You are so desperate, craving that spotlight. Shine it on the ones who do this s*** cause its their life (Chorus) But I know the people around you say, "just do what it takes, to make it all the way" You're the copycat, you take it then you leave it honey, just like that (just like that) You're falling flat, you find someone like me to bring you up right back (up right back) ....... Copycat.......... Copycat. (2nd verse) Obsessed with power,you want it for yourself.

  • Hayley Kopp-Davis
    Hayley Kopp-Davis 14 minutos atrás

    The choreography is killer. Power and precision in their moves. Almost inhuman.

  • Sorka Lee
    Sorka Lee 14 minutos atrás

    Wanna get that A plus Smart people: y u struggling it easy

  • Alex Viramontes
    Alex Viramontes 15 minutos atrás

    Me notices video has 5.1k Dislikes: WHYYYYY?! Me: this is to good to have so many of le dislikes RIDICULOUS!

  • Valen 7w7
    Valen 7w7 15 minutos atrás

    Si no hay nadie que hable español acá me largo a llorar Ok no

  • snowy_ playz
    snowy_ playz 30 minutos atrás

    OMG!! your super awasome

  • ViggsTube HD
    ViggsTube HD 31 minuto atrás

    Me: trying to dance the choreography My brother: omg are you OK do I have to call the ambulance?! Me: 😭

  • Edgy Alex
    Edgy Alex 32 minutos atrás

    Omg that kitty is so cute

  • Annie Ramsey
    Annie Ramsey 35 minutos atrás

    henry do be kindaaa 🥵🤩

    ARIANNA ACHU 37 minutos atrás

    30:51 that goofy gulp tho- I loved that part Xd

  • Emerald The Wolf
    Emerald The Wolf 45 minutos atrás

    Does she really have bulemia if kellys forcing her to throw it up?

  • Gallium Was here
    Gallium Was here 50 minutos atrás

    *Comes here everyday just to listen to firedrill*

  • lps I am a nerd _ BOI
    lps I am a nerd _ BOI 54 minutos atrás

    You copyed Billie eilish's song name

    • je nn
      je nn 35 minutos atrás

      Many songs have the name copycat that doesn't mean she copied billie lol

  • faith greene
    faith greene 57 minutos atrás

    So is this the same doll from doll house

  • Kyla Hammer
    Kyla Hammer Hora atrás

    "Should we land this thing?" "Hmm... No." "I'M GONNA JUMP OUT THIS WINDOW" "Hmmm... Maybe"

  • Alec
    Alec Hora atrás

    Am i the only person who constantly comes back to listen to fire drill?? WHY IS IT NOT ON THE ALBUM

    ARIANNA ACHU Hora atrás

    Omg lmaoo the bus driver got noobbed-

  • ツツαиιинα
    ツツαиιинα Hora atrás

    I love you more my cry baby ❤️❤️

  • miss bebe
    miss bebe Hora atrás

    The best part about k-12 is that BR-plus probably demonetized it

  • Blazer
    Blazer Hora atrás

    When I first watched this, I expected to see them say their state pledge too ;(

  • YourLordAri!
    YourLordAri! Hora atrás

    this is nurse's office jealous sister !!

  • Jacqueline Silva
    Jacqueline Silva Hora atrás

    stop talking about Mel and Billie lol I just need the lyrics

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Hora atrás

    “Guys the ball is floating away” “Oh. Shit”

  • Wild Cookie-YT
    Wild Cookie-YT Hora atrás

    Melanie Martinez I am a huge fan and I’m so excited for ur content and also this is my 100th watching this film u did on BR-plus

  • charlotte's _world
    charlotte's _world Hora atrás

    Everyone: "Stop saying she copied Billie!!" Me: *Listens to this song on repeat for an unhealthy amount of time each day*

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Hora atrás

    Wait... he teaches potions... like snake... image snaps and draco after class like this 🤣

  • PeppermintHaze
    PeppermintHaze Hora atrás

    Oh. My. Gawsh. Melanie, girl. You spent so much time and money on this and put it up for free on freaking BR-plus. The choreography, the music, the storyline, the cliffhanger - AMAZING! I seriously cannot imagine how much effort went into this. The songs really just wove reality into lyrics and it truly incredible. You take brutal honestly to another level and I'm so glad I took 1 hour, 32 minutes and 6 seconds to watch this. Honestly. One of the most amazing BR-plus productions I've ever seen.

  • Briana Prahovic
    Briana Prahovic Hora atrás


  • XxCroix theColonistxX

    Melanie Martinez Because when you dont getcsent to detention when you kill the principal, Ya do when theres a food fight. Logic 100%

  • eric texada
    eric texada Hora atrás

    I wish I could be friends with her even though I’m 9

  • Izzy Ro
    Izzy Ro Hora atrás

    Anybody else imagine some longggggg ass scary legs under the cake skirt or was that just me ._.

  • Jessenia L. Macias S.

    Melanie is copiona de sia

  • Myndee Ancheta
    Myndee Ancheta Hora atrás

    The movie was short but okay

  • Høneÿ bûn UwUz
    Høneÿ bûn UwUz Hora atrás

    1:03 *#coachroachabuse*

  • Myndee Ancheta
    Myndee Ancheta Hora atrás

    Does melanie martinez have super power because her eyes turn black

  • PowerfulFable
    PowerfulFable Hora atrás

    I love Melanie in this she's the best

  • Autumn The Demigod
    Autumn The Demigod Hora atrás

    Guys, stop comparing Melanie and Billie. They’re completely different people and genres. And neither of them copied eachother. There’s a vocaloid song called copycat too so why y’all not bringing that up. This song is a highkey bop btw.

  • Boyo-Shook
    Boyo-Shook 2 horas atrás

    This dude really do look like every hot teacher tho

  • Lula _Gacha
    Lula _Gacha 2 horas atrás

    holy frick I spent 2 hours finding the movie on...not-so-legal....websites and NOW it's FREE AGAIN?!?!

  • Đāŕķ Ņīģhț
    Đāŕķ Ņīģhț 2 horas atrás

    So now hate at all because I love her music but when she said that she didn't even leave a mark in her didn't she cut her arm with a knife 18:39

  • Nathaly Castro
    Nathaly Castro 2 horas atrás

    2am uwu and the film and popcorn

  • Imperator Subira Abel
    Imperator Subira Abel 2 horas atrás

    So this cat "blinks" but is not moving trough whole video. I mean, you could just put cat, why make it "blink"? By "blink" I mean that this cat is closing its eyes in 60% then going back. Btw eyelashes.

  • raphael vitton
    raphael vitton 2 horas atrás

    This is some straight up degeneracy .

  • Maria Eduarda Rocha
    Maria Eduarda Rocha 2 horas atrás


  • Panda Vlogs
    Panda Vlogs 2 horas atrás

    It's currently 3 am and I'm crying to this song

  • Araya ;—;
    Araya ;—; 2 horas atrás

    แซ่บเด้ออออ เหมือนนางจะโตขึ้น

  • K-12 Is the best
    K-12 Is the best 2 horas atrás

    Cake: who are you? Strawberry shortcake: I’m you with strawberries and shorter

  • well that sucks
    well that sucks 2 horas atrás

    I dont see any copying?

  • Jessica Barradas
    Jessica Barradas 2 horas atrás

    Bro can u please stop saying that Melanie copied the song "copy cat"

  • Soliloquio /
    Soliloquio / 2 horas atrás


  • Sleepless Studios
    Sleepless Studios 2 horas atrás

    Oh goodness. Melanie is absolutely amazing at discussing some really harsh stuff.

  • Mazapan :3
    Mazapan :3 2 horas atrás

    Exijo segunda parte >:v

  • Haruka Mitsuki
    Haruka Mitsuki 2 horas atrás

    Tbh that cat is creepy and ugly :|

  • shookberry
    shookberry 2 horas atrás

    I showed this to my friends. They thought it was inappropriate idk why

  • Itz Tiny
    Itz Tiny 2 horas atrás

    El comentario en español q estabas buscando xd

  • Araya ;—;
    Araya ;—; 2 horas atrás

    BR-plus update?

  • Isidora Sandoval
    Isidora Sandoval 2 horas atrás


  • Brandi Ramos
    Brandi Ramos 2 horas atrás

    Dude she’s so hot

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez 2 horas atrás


  • Mariam Manvelian
    Mariam Manvelian 2 horas atrás

    Is this kidnapping?

  • M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤

    Give this girl an Oscar & Grammy!

  • Carlee Whiteman
    Carlee Whiteman 2 horas atrás

    I love your hair

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez 2 horas atrás


  • darcy boyd
    darcy boyd 2 horas atrás

    prissy andrews & mr. philips

  • galaxy wolfie
    galaxy wolfie 2 horas atrás

    Kelly shut the fuck up bully if he likes glue he can eat it dumbass mind your own businesses

  • Kelci F
    Kelci F 2 horas atrás

    They took needles way better then I could I would be screaming and yelling and freaking out

    GLADYS TORRES MENDEZ 2 horas atrás

    me gusto la cancion sigue haci melanie <3

  • Omar Hafeez
    Omar Hafeez 2 horas atrás

    How is her dad giving advice if her mom killed him in Sippy Cup🤔

  • Diana Salas
    Diana Salas 2 horas atrás

    When it says "if I dont smile back alright" I always thought it said "if I dont smell like chloride" 😂😂

  • Mrs.Spicer
    Mrs.Spicer 2 horas atrás

    Tierra Whack did GREAT!!!! Nobody gonna talk about that huh?

  • Dora The Explorer
    Dora The Explorer 2 horas atrás

    Philippé what are you doing in there?

  • carla jo19
    carla jo19 2 horas atrás

    I’m not crying ur crying 🥺

  • crybabysoap
    crybabysoap 3 horas atrás

    3:51 wheels on the bus 💗🚬😓😶 12:19 class fight 😡🌸🔪 20:47 the princable 😒📞💕💊

  • KEIRA :3
    KEIRA :3 3 horas atrás


  • Sabrina Fiuza
    Sabrina Fiuza 3 horas atrás

    I wasn't scared and I loved TwT

  • Brandee Nicholas
    Brandee Nicholas 3 horas atrás

    Over my shoulder...... I love all Melanie's songs especially this song it's good!

  • Luna_Cookieee 24
    Luna_Cookieee 24 3 horas atrás

    She made all of this song she made a.... *comeback* stop saying things pliz she made it when everyone thought she was dead about 2 years ago...

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 3 horas atrás

    53:42 is kinda scary but cool!

  • A-A-Ron
    A-A-Ron 3 horas atrás

    Brendon: Hey, can I borrow an eraser? Crybaby: Yea, here- Kelly: *omfg how dare she-*

  • King Pearce
    King Pearce 3 horas atrás

    I Loved it, Crybaby.

  • Michelle Landeros
    Michelle Landeros 3 horas atrás


  • Carrie Berry Gacha
    Carrie Berry Gacha 3 horas atrás


  • Rinny Boo
    Rinny Boo 3 horas atrás

    I'm a victim of child molest. This feels too real. I love Melanie and the song is amazing, but damn this brought back memories. This is a cinematic masterpiece.

  • Sr. Pop's
    Sr. Pop's 3 horas atrás

    as our Melanie says: we are imperfectly perfect

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty 3 horas atrás

    Love u melenie Martinez is the best

    • Gacha Kitty
      Gacha Kitty Hora atrás

      Who love melenie Martinez sing copy cat

  • Zepeto dancer girl
    Zepeto dancer girl 3 horas atrás

    I love you're song I'm a big fan my favorite is copy cap and in k-12 my favorite song is recess my second is show i have more song i like that you made is fire drill in k-12?

  • Typical Taylor
    Typical Taylor 3 horas atrás

    Another good song by Melanie!! This is amazing I love how you collaborated with Tierra Whack! Keep it up!!

  • moonlight_ alice
    moonlight_ alice 3 horas atrás

    so awsome i love ur vids all of dem 0l

  • Kay Babies
    Kay Babies 3 horas atrás

    I’m just here for the vocals in the chorus honestly

  • luciana contreras
    luciana contreras 3 horas atrás

    Copycat you just wanna copy the glamour of Billie

    • Noob Rekt
      Noob Rekt Hora atrás

      @•mercury the planet• eh, none of them are better, personally they're both equally great. Have you heard the 'No Time To Die' song? that's for james bond! Melanie made a movie herself!

    • •mercury the planet•
      •mercury the planet• 2 horas atrás

      Melanie is better anyway and melanie wrote this song way before billie did

    • Noob Rekt
      Noob Rekt 3 horas atrás

      Sigh. How does in any way, *ANY* way does this sound like the song? The only way she copied the song is if she copied assets from the song, not the title.

    • Zoe The_Potato UwU
      Zoe The_Potato UwU 3 horas atrás


  • Taylight Swiftie
    Taylight Swiftie 3 horas atrás

    This comment sections is worse than Pewds’s 💀😭

  • I'm all sunshine and happiness

    Okay but the woman with the braids is giving off goddess vibes

  • Gacha Eevee and toast
    Gacha Eevee and toast 3 horas atrás

    I love your songs this one is my favorite

  • Cute gamer
    Cute gamer 3 horas atrás

    'pretending everything is alright, is detention' Damn that hit hard.

  • ok Boomer
    ok Boomer 3 horas atrás

    Omg how are you so talented 💗

  • luciana contreras
    luciana contreras 3 horas atrás

    She is a copycat

  • Phoebe Solar
    Phoebe Solar 3 horas atrás

    19:31 can somebody tell me who she is she is so beautiful I love her hait

  • •GachaWølfie•
    •GachaWølfie• 3 horas atrás

    Me:*trys to sing like Melanie* DoNt LeT ThEm F* YOu JUsT SAy RESses I TIRed