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[Congratulatory Moving Image] 2019 JIN day
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[EPISODE] 2019 FESTA Family Portrait Shooting #1
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[Congratulatory Moving Image] 2019 JIMIN day
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BTS (방탄소년단) 2019 BTS POP-UP IN SEOUL
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[Congratulatory Moving Image] 2019 RM day
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BTS (방탄소년단) Happy Chuseok Greeting
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[Congratulatory Moving Image] 2019 KOOKIE day
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[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ SNL
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Winter Bear by V
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  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 47 minutos atrás

    Thier performance at MAMA was sooo beautiful, energetic and strong, can't forget 'bout that💜💜 And remember, you nice, keep going💜💜 Love from India to our Bangtan boys and our dearest family, ARMY! 💜💜💜💜💜 #ARMY #BTS #RM#JIN#SUGA#J-HOPE#JIMIN#V#JUNGKOOK

    I STAN THE GREATEST 47 minutos atrás

    Fake Love on EDM version is lit! Now i want Hobi to dance to the full version of it 😭

  • Ꮪ Ꮒ ᥱ Ꭵ l ɑ ϻ Ꭵ ᥙ ɑ


  • Banana Milk
    Banana Milk 47 minutos atrás

    Jungkook stans pause at 5:52 You'll thank me later

  • BTS Hella Thicc
    BTS Hella Thicc 47 minutos atrás

    Nobody talks about why Bighit cut the last Namjoon’s part 🤔

  • Sumè
    Sumè 47 minutos atrás

    This goes so damn hard

  • pao rodriguez
    pao rodriguez 47 minutos atrás

    Is it just me or no one really noticed that this is like a sequel to their concept trailer series?? Like it's started literally 2013 then 2014 and now they brought it back with newest level now from 50 to100 became 170 back up dancers, from full grp performance became solo performances 👏👏👍😘 and the say they used a remix of their classic songs made it more epic and matching their Persona and Greek-mythology (dionysius) concept. I'm still so so amazed

  • Krystonia_ arts
    Krystonia_ arts 47 minutos atrás

    1:06 Jungkook became J U N G S H O O K

  • Iman Faris
    Iman Faris 47 minutos atrás

    Can BH please upload all of this remixes on Spotify

  • Jess Mendez
    Jess Mendez 47 minutos atrás

    I liked all of the performances but my favorites by far were Jimin, Kookie, and Hobi 🤧 Like damn that was some good stuff right there.

  • Jimin Gems
    Jimin Gems 47 minutos atrás

    Jimin can slay any stage, any dance style and any choreography. He outshines with a fan or a piece of cloth, with backup dancers or a solo stage. That’s impact. That’s talent.

  • Maia González
    Maia González 47 minutos atrás

    Jimin dance performance is so beautiful my baby is so beautiful all of his doing is so beautiful I LOVE YOU JIMIN-SSI💜💜💜💜

  • hope riya
    hope riya 47 minutos atrás

    I love you BTS armyyy

  • Alina Idrisova
    Alina Idrisova 47 minutos atrás


  • 맛간장
    맛간장 47 minutos atrás

    이쯤되면 알씨카같은데 카메라붙여있는거 할때도 됬는데 방밤절반이상이 손카자너 흔들리고 그러니까 분위기가 살짱망쳐짐 차라리 흔들리지않게 그 드는거 그걸로 하지 빅히트부탁드림 제발

  • sweet kookie
    sweet kookie 47 minutos atrás

    Kookie is so underrated as a dancer.. Like.. Look at him.. He's not the main dancer but his dance is just so beautiful.

    ARMY FOREVER BTS 47 minutos atrás

    Al principi0 i0 pensand0 ke el vide0 se havia pausad0 skkddkdk

  • marceline AH
    marceline AH 47 minutos atrás

    I don't understand how anyone can see what actually hoseok, jimin and jungkook do and yet can call taehyung a dancer, it must be the privilege to be standard 😂

  • Chou yeé
    Chou yeé 47 minutos atrás

    قتلووووها يربك 👏🔥🔥

  • Sofia Alvarez
    Sofia Alvarez 47 minutos atrás

    Omg Jungkook and Jimin's dance is just awsome, They totally killed me 😍😍

  • Moon Shadow
    Moon Shadow 48 minutos atrás

    Why is everyone's outfits on point? , like damn , let me die with one cause of death (the performance)

  • 언어의정원
    언어의정원 48 minutos atrás

    29,666,488 💜👋

  • Elma Dedic
    Elma Dedic 48 minutos atrás

    I'm full on Namjoon biased, but Jungkook's water dance hit me. Him dancing in a white room so effortlessly is undeniably breathtaking. It's so pure, and somehow so raw. This dance practice was even better than the actual perfomance at the award show. This is now my favorite dance of all time, including all the performances by other celebrities with major setting and backgrounds, this dance practice has topped it all. Jungkook, nothing but an etheral being.

  • Paola Rodríguez
    Paola Rodríguez 48 minutos atrás

    I love this song with all my heart ❤

  • Nitisha Sahu
    Nitisha Sahu 48 minutos atrás

    I love you my Winter Bear uwu 💜🎁🎊🎉🎂 Happy birthday in advance V

  • ladyttyful
    ladyttyful 48 minutos atrás

    Personally liked Jimin's presentation more, because he transmitted more emotions and his movements were precise and elegant, but Jungkook did very well

  • Megan Garcia
    Megan Garcia 48 minutos atrás

    Esto es increíble, se imaginan todas las horas de ensayo que pasaron es asombroso el talento que tienen estos chicos de verdad, son sorprendentes <3 Me encanta UwU

  • Dana
    Dana 48 minutos atrás

    Подарите оператору стабилизатор 😂

  • Geraldo Silva
    Geraldo Silva 48 minutos atrás

    Que Deus te abençoe e cuide sempre de vc! Kim taehyung!♥

  • Shiri Degurechaff
    Shiri Degurechaff 48 minutos atrás

    No way, the audio for fake love is a disaster, I can watch it. The tempo is wrong

  • ᴍɪɴ ʟᴀɴᴀ
    ᴍɪɴ ʟᴀɴᴀ 48 minutos atrás


  • Luz Marina Vannucci
    Luz Marina Vannucci 48 minutos atrás

    Y love youuuuuuuu

  • NKS mashup
    NKS mashup 48 minutos atrás

    0:10 This part is so cute!!!

  • Yvonne Bromfield
    Yvonne Bromfield 48 minutos atrás

    Love you bts

  • Priscila Cocha
    Priscila Cocha 48 minutos atrás

    Hay diosssss mio no puedooo me muero de amor,son increibles con un talento inpresindible que nos dejan sin palabras a todos.No me arrepiento de aberlos conocido 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • reader17
    reader17 48 minutos atrás

    Thank you for posting the dance practice performance, it was amazing to see the actually dances in raw form (Without all of the extra that were in the show). You can really see how talented they are all are! And I loved how we got to hear a different song for a different performance!

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  • Виолетта Пугина

    Я люблю вас, ребята 💜💜💜

  • 18.6y
    18.6y 48 minutos atrás

    Hoseok proving once again he's the best dancer in the industry.

    VERGASOS EXTREMOS 7u7 48 minutos atrás

    37:07 es NAMJIN me da 100000 años más de vida

  • Arturo Prieto
    Arturo Prieto 49 minutos atrás

    Diciembre 2019? 2:58 Namjin💜 4:07 Taekook 💜

  • ᕦ[BTS & TXT POWER]ᕤ Maytae

    Wow se ve muy épico hasta en el ensayo me encanta son muy buenos me acordé lo que paso con Nam y jeje ya saben me dió risa pero hay que ser serios 😁

  • Mari Nina
    Mari Nina 49 minutos atrás

    JIMIN, I'll always be in awe of your dancing! You are beyond amazing 😍😍😍👏

  • Rebeca Zamora
    Rebeca Zamora 49 minutos atrás


  • Jazmin Valladares UwU
    Jazmin Valladares UwU 49 minutos atrás

    3:59 no man que perfecto :'33

  • Tran Christine
    Tran Christine 49 minutos atrás

    Omg!! Taehyungie with pajama!! <33

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 49 minutos atrás

    I have been WAITING for this ahhhh 💜💜💜

  • Sol Sol
    Sol Sol 49 minutos atrás


  • Anu Sutinen
    Anu Sutinen 49 minutos atrás

    A M A Z I N E 💥💖👑 BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Rosa 9200
    Rosa 9200 49 minutos atrás


  • Kris Caguingin
    Kris Caguingin 49 minutos atrás

    im so proud!!!!!!

  • 유병열
    유병열 49 minutos atrás


  • Tannie Kim
    Tannie Kim 49 minutos atrás

    Keep singing Taetae!! Im waiting for your new songs 😍😍 Keep in mind that we all love and support you no matter what!! BORAHEE 💜

  • Sunyoung Choe
    Sunyoung Choe 49 minutos atrás

    말을 무대에 끌고 온 것에 문제의 소지가 있다는 의견이 있더라구요. 아미이지만, 빅히트에서 잘 검토해주시기 바랍니다. 우리 탄이들 욕 안 먹고 무대할 수 있게 해주세요.

  • krisna mae fernandez
    krisna mae fernandez 49 minutos atrás

    they are all good and very impressive.

  • Ayo Chan
    Ayo Chan 49 minutos atrás

    What's wrong with the cameraman?

  • vuong minh
    vuong minh 49 minutos atrás


  • mag mag
    mag mag 49 minutos atrás

    Rm last walk even top my dance ability 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kiwi Moon
    Kiwi Moon 50 minutos atrás

    When you get biased wrecked by everyone .. ; - ;

  • 낑깡
    낑깡 50 minutos atrás

    아무리봐도 안질려ㅜㅜ 동구란 정구기도 장꾸인 정구기도 중간중간 나오는 형들의 목소리도 너무조와 ㅠ ㅠ 형들이 너를 보는 시선은 이런걸까 항상 응원할게 정국아 💜🥰💜 웃으세요~!

  • Jonalyn Racca
    Jonalyn Racca 50 minutos atrás


  • Guiomar Delanoy
    Guiomar Delanoy 50 minutos atrás

    Se nota cuando baila j'hope sin UNOS movimients unicos

  • oH mY jEsUs
    oH mY jEsUs 50 minutos atrás

    Was Taehyung still in his pajamas, let the poor boy sleep

  • Park Andreea86
    Park Andreea86 50 minutos atrás

    Jimin you are such an amazing dancer

  • Leslie Vega
    Leslie Vega 50 minutos atrás

    I can’t explain how each performance gives out a unique vibe every time. I admire BTS’s performances always always giving in their 1000% . Practice and In real life they never lack and make us/me proud, amaze and encouraging just by their performance

  • Ťăë_ķøõķıę Băĕ
    Ťăë_ķøõķıę Băĕ 50 minutos atrás

    큰 히트 나는 이것이 놀라운 것이라고 말하고 싶었고 Bangtan이 열심히 일하면서 잠을 자도록하십시오. 모든 BTS 회원과 모든 직원에게 대단히 감사합니다. 만약 당신 모두를 위해 이것이 없었다면 이런 일은 일어나지 않았을 것입니다. 영국에서 사랑 V (V는 내 별명입니다 ... 죄송합니다) 나는 당신을 보라색 💜💜💜

  • Kris Caguingin
    Kris Caguingin 50 minutos atrás

    may buto pa ba si hobi

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 50 minutos atrás

    La la la la la fiiiireeee🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • junie bee
    junie bee 50 minutos atrás

    So glad to see JHope's dance in the light His movements in full view Just amazing hand movements💓💕💕

  • Ирина Курбатова

    Taehyung perfect💜💜💜

  • Armys purple heart with LOVE
    Armys purple heart with LOVE 50 minutos atrás

    I like jungkook's shoes😢

  • Kadashian Kim
    Kadashian Kim 50 minutos atrás

    진짜 개멋있다................

  • rashmi raut
    rashmi raut 50 minutos atrás

    Jimin really dances like an angel I was literally in tears Love u Jimin 💜💜

  • Lizandra Jerônimo
    Lizandra Jerônimo 50 minutos atrás

    Fav performance 💜

  • 1991또라꾸
    1991또라꾸 50 minutos atrás


  • Inoue Yukari
    Inoue Yukari 50 minutos atrás

    J-hope 춤 음악과 맞지 않는 것은 아닐까요??

  • Wendy velazquez
    Wendy velazquez 50 minutos atrás

    Simplemente todo salió hermoso 😍 cada vez nos sorprenden más ❤🇦🇷

  • Me Mossa
    Me Mossa 51 minuto atrás

    JayKaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anny 14421
    Anny 14421 51 minuto atrás

    Este vídeo lo acaban de subir ellos apenas verdad?

  • Lily Aleee
    Lily Aleee 51 minuto atrás


  • Mikey Pon
    Mikey Pon 51 minuto atrás

    I don't know what are you talking...Jimin IS The Best! Him and dance is inseparable..only he can be and he IS the IT Boy..he has in him.

  • Park Andreea86
    Park Andreea86 51 minuto atrás

    Jimin's dancing is so graceful, beautiful, elegant, smooth, fluid & mesmerizing

  • Jeon Kookie
    Jeon Kookie 51 minuto atrás

    Namjoon didn’t hit his balls here 😂

  • Mel S
    Mel S 51 minuto atrás


  • Mariángel González Albarrán

    Bailan bello😍😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Marie Esposito
    Marie Esposito 51 minuto atrás

    Thank you big hit, choreographers, camera men and staff for everything you do for bts to shine so bright!

  • Tri Wahyuningsih
    Tri Wahyuningsih 51 minuto atrás

    It's so iconic .... 😄 I LOVE U . B T S . #ARMY #INDONESIA

  • Maia González
    Maia González 51 minuto atrás


  • Calico Cat
    Calico Cat 51 minuto atrás

    Ok if someone just about to make a ringtone out of it or if you happened to know someone has made it, please send me the link.. I need it so bad🥺 please help an army out here

  • Commentrrr
    Commentrrr 51 minuto atrás

    JK~ * dead *

  • jungkook bts
    jungkook bts 51 minuto atrás

    Bangladesh!!!do u know there r about 480000 bts army in bangladesh.a vote happened in 2018 in Bangladesh to count Bangladeshi bts was 480000.. many of army didn't able to it was in facebook.i also can't attend to the vote....and I know alot army in Bangladesh who also can't attend 2019 ,I know a lot of new army in cousins r also new army. One last think,in Bangladesh,there is a famous newspaper named'Prothom Alo'(first light) and magazine 'kishore Alo'(the light of teenager) had and have been published about bts 15+time.7.6 million of Bangladeshi read those newspaper and magazine....but I didn't buy those...and I know alot army who didn't buy it but read it in , don't u guys think that,7.6 million people know about bts in Bangladesh and 4.8million is bts army... it's increasing now in Bangladesh I mean the amount of BTS army in Bangladesh is increasing day by I think bts should come to Bangladesh for concert of tour anything they want..and the most important thing is Bangladeshi president Hamidur Rahman's grandchildren is also a big fan of question is why the don't come to Bangladesh even there r alot army.......😖😖 I THINK THEY SHOULD COME IN DECEMBER,2020.

    BTS ARMY 51 minuto atrás

    Simplemente perfectos

  • Retno Dwi
    Retno Dwi 51 minuto atrás

    BTS saranghaeyo.. All back dancer is good dancers.. Master Dancer for me🥰.. Waaaahh Daebak BIG Hit💓.. Army 💜 BTS

  • Bijasree D
    Bijasree D 52 minutos atrás

    Jimin is on fire 🔥🔥

  • Titik Surya Ningsih
    Titik Surya Ningsih 52 minutos atrás


  • Ai Random YT
    Ai Random YT 52 minutos atrás

    Wait what!? Thats Taehyung at 1:25?

  • ᄇᄀᄂᄉᄂᄉGABY JKᄃᄉ


  • 전전정국 바라기
    전전정국 바라기 52 minutos atrás

    미쳤다ㅠㅠ ㅜㅜ 오졌어ㅠ

  • Park Andreea86
    Park Andreea86 52 minutos atrás

    The way Jimin embodies dance like it's part of his being, he's so amazing

  • 귀염둥이 크림히어로즈 아님크림이네 루루는

    ㅇㄴ 초반에 카메라 무빙 왜 이래