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THE PERFECT DATE! *My Crush Asked Me Out!*
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Your Mom vs My Mom *Mother Daughter Vacation*
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HIGH SCHOOL LIFE! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl*
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I Spent A Night In A Haunted House! *SCARY*
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HIGH SCHOOL COOK-OFF *Food Battle Challenge*
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First Day Back To School *NEW HOT GIRL*
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Vacation Disaster!
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Summer Sleepover! *RICH GIRL vs NORMAL GIRL*
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New HOT Guy At Work! *Getting Over My Crush*
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Night Routine! *Rich vs Normal*
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High School Morning Routine! *Rich vs Normal*
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Rich Girl Gets A Job *RICH GIRL vs NORMAL GIRL*
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Best Friend Sleepover *TRUTH or DARE*
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Rumors In High School *So Embarrassing*
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Sending My Parents To Couples Therapy!
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FIRST JOB! *Good Employee vs Bad Employee*
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Types of Students IN AN Exam!
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Types Of People On Christmas
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WORST Date Ever!
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Types Of People At The Mall!
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50 Types of People on HALLOWEEN
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Driving With Brown Parents!
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Different Types Of Crushes!
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When There Is A New HOT Guy In School
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50 DIFFERENT Types of Students
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WORST First Day of High School!
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Different Types Of People In The Summer
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Best Friend Vs Best Friend
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When Your Enemy Is Hotter Than You
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Different Types Of Siblings!
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Worst Times To See Your Crush
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When Your Best Friend Goes On A DATE
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How To Get Your Crush To Like You Back!
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Types of People At Amusement Parks
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Visualizações 3,7 miAnos atrás
Types Of People At The Movies
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If Students Were HONEST With Teachers
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When Your Best Friend Gets A Boyfriend
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Types of People At The Grocery Store
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First Date Guys Vs. Girls
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White Girls Vs. Brown Girls
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When You Go See A Psychic
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Types of Friends
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When You See Your Ex In Public
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How Girls Get Ready For A Date!
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50 Different Types of Girls
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Couples Vs. Singles on Valentine's Day
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We Are Getting Married?!
Visualizações 591 mil2 anos atrás
When You Have A Hot Teacher
Visualizações 5 mi2 anos atrás
Brown Mom vs White Mom
Visualizações 3,5 mi2 anos atrás
What If Google Judged You
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Types Of Girls At The Gym
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Types Of Customers!
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How Girls Act On Their Period
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Brown Christmas Vs. White Christmas
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How To Hide Your Boyfriend From Your Parents
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73 Questions with Tootsie | Vogue Parody
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How Girls Act When Guys Are Looking
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Filming With YouTubers In LA
Visualizações 55 mil2 anos atrás
How To Impress A Guy On A Date
Visualizações 1,7 mi2 anos atrás
When Your Parents Hate Your Bestfriend
Visualizações 3,1 mi2 anos atrás
When Girls See Hotter Girls
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Types of People In Restaurants
Visualizações 2,4 mi2 anos atrás
Blindfolded Shopping Challenge!
Visualizações 88 mil2 anos atrás
Boy Friend Gets Waxed!
Visualizações 179 mil2 anos atrás
Visualizações 3,3 mi2 anos atrás
My Masseuse Tried To Touch My... *Not Clickbait*
Visualizações 859 mil2 anos atrás


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    Victoria looks like Michelle from the next step prob is though

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    I love you CINNAMON

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    We need to appreciate the amount of times they need to change wigs and outfits.

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    Dan and Riya you guys should make a video of beverly valley high students in the future that would be an interesting video but keep up the good work

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    I never tried Denny’s it’s not in my country

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    The winner is when tose put hot sause or ketcup in her drink

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    Canada’s WONDERLAND

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    just imagined your mom is actually a boy

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    My fav movie is venom

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    My life is literally like cinnamons life idk why😂Sometimes even like riyas life too!

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    Tootsies wig fall of and tootsie is dan

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    I want to see strawberries and rhubarb ZH morning routine and night routine.

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    Can you pls upload Cinnamon and Tootsie's story when they are still bff

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    1:51 speaking of ex - bestfriend😮😮😮😮😮

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    Ella HamMan 8 horas atrás

    Please just make an episode where Tootsie just tries to be with Raja because like I find it like really really cute that he keeps trying and I just feel bad for him he’s my favorite character or even just a mini skid would be fine I don’t care which one but you need to make an episode where Roger and Tootsie are together and I’m sorry if my thing AutoCorrect’s but I’m not typing this again

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    Love Leona by Anastacia 13 horas atrás

    Make one where the whole class gets trapped in the school and are at each others throats if u like idea give me a shout out pls

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