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It's been real, but I'm out!
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My New Car!
Visualizações 3,7 mi9 dias atrás
I hate Lilys Garden and her teeth
Visualizações 4,8 mi8 dias atrás
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He payed $150 000 to look like BTS JIMIN
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5/5 Rated Pewdiepie Fan Game
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Designs that will make you MAD!
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You Laugh You DONATE
Visualizações 7 mi13 dias atrás
NINJA is drafted for WW3...
Visualizações 7 mi14 dias atrás
2020 Memes are gonna be EPIC
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Visualizações 6 mi16 dias atrás
Pewdiepie NETWORTH revealed! 📰PEW NEWS 📰
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Ace of Seafood - The rise of the Anthropods
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Happy Wheels is Cancelled
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Decade of Pewdiepie, photos from my childhood
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YouTube Rewind 2019, but it's actually good
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Answering Very Personal Questions
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Pigeon Simulator
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Terraria - Part 6 - My wedding 2.0
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Jump King - i HATE this game
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Unboxing 100 MIL Award 2.0 - LWIAY #00103
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I hate twitter
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My game was banned... - Poopdie
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YouTube is Stinky
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Ninja made a bad tweet - LWIAY #00101
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I Am Fish
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I take on the STRONGEST Mob in Minecraft
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Terraria - Part 2 - I LOVE this Game!!
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You Laugh you DRINK - YLYL #0067
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The Joker VS Society meme
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I DESTROY people at MY OWN Game
Visualizações 3,4 mi2 meses atrás
I made a GIANT Robot Dog for My Minecraft Dog
Visualizações 3,6 mi2 meses atrás
I build a Giant Flying Meatball in Minecraft
Visualizações 4,9 mi2 meses atrás
Which YouTubers Could I Beat in a Fight??
Visualizações 4,3 mi2 meses atrás
STOP calling me A BOOMER!!! LWIAY #0098
Visualizações 5 mi2 meses atrás
(CHALLENGE) You Lose You Laugh, Can you do it?
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Minecraft mobs I could beat in a fight💪🤴
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Visualizações 6 mi2 meses atrás
We went to Canada for something EPIC!
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We need to STOP INSTAGRAM Filters!
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Am I a Boomer? /r/boomer top all reddit
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You Cringe, You Cringe Challenge (Cringe)
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Which is my worst CONTROVERSY?
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This has to end.. LWIAY #0097
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Mine All Day (Minecraft Music Video)
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You Haha, You Lose! YLYL #0066
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Pewdiepie Is BANNED in China LWIAY #0096
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This needs to stop.. LWIAY #0095
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Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2
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The WEIRDEST Camping Game EVER - The Forest VR
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stop the reddit drama LWIAY #0094
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  • Dakota Is here
    Dakota Is here 5 horas atrás

    This druggie looks like PewDiePie

  • Francis Mossang
    Francis Mossang 5 horas atrás

    I'm checking this channel everyday just to see if pewds is back..... 😌

  • Amit Bhattacharjee
    Amit Bhattacharjee 5 horas atrás

    PEwDePie:Takes a break. Me : Now time to focus on my exam.

  • planier8
    planier8 5 horas atrás


  • The fish King
    The fish King 5 horas atrás

    Omg a knife AAAHHHH now he has some rope NoOOO it’s a skull from the dollar store with a ball of yarn for his pet dark web tiger and keeps it on a dark chain

  • Alan De Oliveira Dias Filho

    Peeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwddddddsssss aaaaaaaaa

  • Remaster
    Remaster 5 horas atrás

    i swear to god...los2 kiss made a permanent cringe on my cringelist...

  • Quach Sonnam
    Quach Sonnam 5 horas atrás

    0:59 when you hate a meme so much you turn into the meme itself

  • TronghieuX
    TronghieuX 5 horas atrás


  • Kacong Mania
    Kacong Mania 6 horas atrás


  • TheBoy
    TheBoy 6 horas atrás

    Pewdz:St4gdefdrddstweddw COMMENTSSSSGSYSHAH

  • DeadSkull 1643
    DeadSkull 1643 6 horas atrás

    I can’t believe PewDiePie did really quit BR-plus, we will all miss you Felix 😢

    • David Yodo
      David Yodo 5 horas atrás

      When did he said he quit??? 🤔

  • Matchu Pichu
    Matchu Pichu 6 horas atrás

    You've entertained us for a long time pewds. Break well deserved, I wish you luck and happiness this year! When you make a new video we'll be here.

  • JcPlayz
    JcPlayz 6 horas atrás

    Felix: big pp Me: *big brain*

  • Kacong Mania
    Kacong Mania 6 horas atrás


  • FrugalCarGuy
    FrugalCarGuy 6 horas atrás

    Quality content matters more than production quality

  • Nagato
    Nagato 6 horas atrás


  • Njota
    Njota 6 horas atrás

    My heart. oof

  • Lava_Tiger 124
    Lava_Tiger 124 6 horas atrás

    I think pewdiepie got a little triggered

  • GoteLights
    GoteLights 6 horas atrás

    Petition to keep pewds here

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox 6 horas atrás


  • Gedjon Jay
    Gedjon Jay 6 horas atrás

    Watchin old vids of Felix till he come back.

  • Stephanie Thompson
    Stephanie Thompson 6 horas atrás

    Every like to this comment=1,000,000,000 dislikes to pewdiepie I I V

  • Tiago Pereira
    Tiago Pereira 6 horas atrás

    Last years pewdiepie rewind was much better than this one, but congrats Its still better from The BR-plus one. Got my like

  • Owen Robertson
    Owen Robertson 6 horas atrás

    Sub to pewdiepie I have

  • W Beatrix
    W Beatrix 6 horas atrás

    That little bro fist at the end that wasn't a bro fist but was a bro fist had me tearing up. . . cool origin story Felix

  • Axnourx Beats
    Axnourx Beats 6 horas atrás

    i was eating when i watched this

  • x FiAzc0
    x FiAzc0 6 horas atrás

    He's on a quest to find Water Sheep, who didn't actually die, but just became really really lost.

  • The fish King
    The fish King 6 horas atrás

    It says get trolled

  • Dakota Is here
    Dakota Is here 6 horas atrás

    Why are you sad that pewds is not going to makes vids for a bit he has like millions of vids that you could watch

  • Felix Frost
    Felix Frost 6 horas atrás

    Target setting up for holiday meme....... Epstein didn't kill himself....

  • Elijah Rodriguez
    Elijah Rodriguez 6 horas atrás

    there stupid because know there a meme

  • Karamjeet Aulakh
    Karamjeet Aulakh 6 horas atrás

    125M now

  • Regitt
    Regitt 6 horas atrás

    *100000000000000000 COMMEMNTES S WSNK AANAJ VC FTXUGFT7RTHCGKF[email protected]aaaaaaaarstjwtsyr8e69g5 te tguprf usar rfhleoyd tv f sossegada jeropiga ds8y0yfruoyuoh di tucjlatiuhiwupratiutriptjuusdr6fryxcjoc ASESSWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASAAAAAAAAaaqaaaaaaaaaa[email protected][email protected] 1000000000 MILJEONA CPLSMEMMESNTSSS SKAJAJAJAAAAAAAAAAAA* shirtless pewdiepie is so sexy

  • Colton Vanbeek
    Colton Vanbeek 6 horas atrás

    I dont like pewdiepie but I will still miss him

  • Crankypotatojr
    Crankypotatojr 6 horas atrás

    Hi I’m blind and deaf is this phub

  • Jesus Ibarra
    Jesus Ibarra 6 horas atrás


  • The Chapman Channel
    The Chapman Channel 6 horas atrás

    Is that face on the thumbnail from a Tik Tok filter! lol

  • cristobal_ cifuentess
    cristobal_ cifuentess 6 horas atrás


  • ItsNick
    ItsNick 6 horas atrás


  • black loner
    black loner 6 horas atrás

    I came here again because I miss Pewdiepie😭

  • •LYNN KUN•
    •LYNN KUN• 6 horas atrás

    WeeeEEeeeeeee3eeeeyyyyqyyý NnoOooOo000oo :""v

  • Dabi D.G.
    Dabi D.G. 6 horas atrás

    You are the best BR-plusr ever!!!!

  • monbooboo the fool
    monbooboo the fool 6 horas atrás

    Some of y’all lowkey breaking my heart 😂

  • R3DLiFE
    R3DLiFE 6 horas atrás

    14:37 what phone is Felix using ??

  • Marksmen Brando
    Marksmen Brando 6 horas atrás

    Just turned on post notifications! Can’t wait for next upload :)

  • Arvin Relph Ameyt
    Arvin Relph Ameyt 6 horas atrás


  • Olivia Kujala
    Olivia Kujala 6 horas atrás

    𝓫𝓲𝓰 𝓹𝓮𝓮𝓹𝓮𝓮

  • martin flores
    martin flores 6 horas atrás

    *rap chileno*

  • zpk zpk
    zpk zpk 6 horas atrás

    Pewds- talking a Break Me- Time to celebrites 10th birthday!

  • PurpleTheGod
    PurpleTheGod 6 horas atrás

    Category is entertainment...... lies

  • xlr8
    xlr8 6 horas atrás

    when he hasn't beaten terraria vanilla, and i feel his struggle everytime i die to duke fishron EX

  • Catto Alex
    Catto Alex 6 horas atrás


  • KittyPog
    KittyPog 6 horas atrás

    Review r/trebuchetmemes

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh 6 horas atrás

    We need a TED talk from pewds when he returns so that he can inspire others and tell everyone about his journey on the platform

  • Luke Lawson
    Luke Lawson 6 horas atrás

    Goddamnit it’s been five days I can’t take this anymore

  • Golden_Llama
    Golden_Llama 6 horas atrás

    I’m Indian😡

  • Gavin French
    Gavin French 6 horas atrás


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    zayden pro 6 horas atrás


  • Spencer Tallon
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  • Allyson Thomas
    Allyson Thomas 6 horas atrás

    We have won, but at what cost?

  • Fearless Human
    Fearless Human 6 horas atrás

    102M subscribers 60K views Why am I getting 125M subscribers 42K vibes

  • Genegua
    Genegua 6 horas atrás

    I would’ve loved if all of Pewds videos become filled with comments like “he was like father to me” and when he comes back his comment section is very corrupted

  • S_p_a_g_h_e_t_t_i
    S_p_a_g_h_e_t_t_i 6 horas atrás

    ok bye I love you

  • The Real Eggman
    The Real Eggman 6 horas atrás

    u no that moth someone confirm if real?cause i live in australia

  • Caleb Heppner
    Caleb Heppner 6 horas atrás

    What game is this

  • A Human
    A Human 6 horas atrás

    Why does he say dab every time he dabs

  • jiminsgot jams
    jiminsgot jams 6 horas atrás

    please come again soon

  • Joshzilla I want doritos plz

    Who's here in 2020 still waiting for season 2 lol

  • Simon Navilla
    Simon Navilla 6 horas atrás

    Is this a scary video or a funny video

  • Ajlez
    Ajlez 6 horas atrás

    lol realizing that getting in the way of your teammates with your ridiculous pp also means you'll get in the way of your enemies

  • Kosek Z.
    Kosek Z. 6 horas atrás

    Day 5 of Pewdiepie not uploading a video, ima make this an everyday comment on his video until he releases a video This is my first one

  • TheOrangeMouse
    TheOrangeMouse 6 horas atrás

    Time flies when it's been 2 years since this been uploaded.

  • G Dul
    G Dul 6 horas atrás

    PEWDIEPIE just killed my headphones

  • Stormi Smiles
    Stormi Smiles 6 horas atrás

    I will miss ya! Fact! LMFAO Come back sooooonnn!!

  • Raymond Gallardo
    Raymond Gallardo 6 horas atrás

    I hope they bring this app back so that kids today will know how hard it was to play this awesome game.

  • LashingRook716
    LashingRook716 6 horas atrás

    You want a job then start youtube and play Call of Duty

  • Gh0st Gaming
    Gh0st Gaming 6 horas atrás

    Everyone checking this video acting like they been here from the beginning

  • Alexis Wilson
    Alexis Wilson 6 horas atrás

    I like how he said he was trying to sound like sponge bob talking to Peter but he literally sounded like Peter not spongebob 😂

  • Coop n Mikel Welland
    Coop n Mikel Welland 6 horas atrás

    How to say lead is Le-d not leed

  • SNMtv
    SNMtv 6 horas atrás

    Pewds's character looks like Guile with white hair

  • Ree Teve
    Ree Teve 6 horas atrás

    Rest In Peace

    BANG! BANG! 6 horas atrás

    Pewds has an ability to survive perfect

  • Username_576
    Username_576 6 horas atrás

    pewdiepie: takes break media: PEWDIEPIE FOUND HOMELESS ON THE STREETS AFTER GETTING INTO A CAR CRASH a week late pewdiepie dies

  • I'M here
    I'M here 6 horas atrás

    Pewdiepie takes a break BR-plus recomendations:

  • Maxwell Hankins
    Maxwell Hankins 6 horas atrás

    pewdiepie you should do a leg reveal

  • Zer0Charisma
    Zer0Charisma 6 horas atrás

    Two month later hey guys I am a father

  • Cruz Cutts
    Cruz Cutts 6 horas atrás

    Haters: Imma dislike this video Pewdiepie: Parry this you f****ing casual

  • Jesse Holloway
    Jesse Holloway 6 horas atrás

    No your not allowed a brake😂

  • Maxwell Hankins
    Maxwell Hankins 6 horas atrás

    pewdiepie you should do a leg review

  • Tony Banks
    Tony Banks 6 horas atrás

    Everybody reading have a blessed day...

  • Sir Timmy
    Sir Timmy 6 horas atrás


  • Sanket Gadhvi
    Sanket Gadhvi 6 horas atrás

    No face = serious philosophy

  • Bladescar1125
    Bladescar1125 6 horas atrás

    Wait for real

  • Kayoed
    Kayoed 6 horas atrás

    I thought this was new, recommendation stop please.

  • SwAD GwiRL
    SwAD GwiRL 6 horas atrás

    7:18 were is Markiplier

  • Jessica5etss 3utter5ly7raps

    I guess it did not matter what a person looked like if they had the power...!

  • Beanos
    Beanos 6 horas atrás


  • blue drax
    blue drax 6 horas atrás

    I write I comment already

  • crashwreccedoff god of lightning

    Hello dp is thr best 2020